Eversheds Sutherland grows in the world and in the UK. Here I turn to cyber security


Boivoj Lbal (left) and Bernhard Hager
author: Tom Nosil

The reputation of esk pobokok is growing, it has also penetrated into the European Union. On the contrary, at home, I will learn from the experience of foreign colleagues.

The love of Boivoje Lbala to the branches of Eversheds Sutherland helped this international law firm. It has advanced its position on the market and moved forward in the field of technology and acquisitions. It also managed to cope with the current domestic recession. “Companies don’t buy unnecessary things like in luxury stores, it’s always something they need, they’re willing to pay for it,” said Bernhard Hager, partner of the office’s Czech and Slovak branches. In the future, Eversheds Sutherland wants to devote itself entirely to IT, including cyber security, which, for example, is an absolute spade in the USA.

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