Devastation is about to happen. We’ll probably go to Stvka, to the editor from st

Devastation is about to happen. We’ll probably go to Stvka, to the editor from st
Devastation is about to happen. We’ll probably go to Stvka, to the editor from st

What is the problem for unions? Although the teacher is supposed to receive 130 percent of the average salary, the teacher’s assistant or the staff in the classrooms are not affected. According to the current budget proposal, there should be less pension not only for non-teaching staff, but also for teaching staff. Due to a lack of funds, some bikes would have to use, for example, a tandem hitch or have to spend hours choosing a subject.

So far we haven’t done anything. We have a trade union organization, so I assume that there will be hundreds of colleagues. At this moment, however, I don’t know what the unions, the poor pedagogical team, are planning, said Radka Brejchov, the editor of the junior high school in Jaten Street.

I don’t even have a trade union organization’s opinion yet. We didn’t discuss whether we should join the Hundred. For five weeks we will have a meeting with the editor, where both teaching and non-teaching staff will meet. It is too soon to make any concrete decisions, said Bohuslav Hork, the head of the trade union organization from Jateky.

Those involved in the 100 will only be discussed at the grammar school in Lovosice. If everything that the government is proposing at the moment and that goes through the debate and professional and lay debate will be implemented, then we would like to join the group, advises the editor of the circle, Marek Buek. If the ministry wants to freeze the system of financial wheels, which has been working relatively well for several years, it will be a step backwards, it is certain.

I don’t even have a concrete opinion from Zkladn kola with a background in informatics and computer science in Teplice. According to the editor Marcela Prokpkov, it is decided to go soon. We learned about the cancellation of the site on Tuesday. I want to meet my colleagues in person sometime in the fifth week. We’ll decide later if we’re going to fight, the editor described the situation on the bike.

It will be decided on…

The same result on the stock bike of Elika Krsnohorsk in st nad Labem. We’ll probably go to the hundred, then we’ll discuss it. Any things that are going on in the bike at the moment are really devastating for him, explains the editor of the bike Martin Aline, saying that if he joins the group, the bike will be closed for the whole day.

We will inform parents about our steps at the weekly meetings we have in the fifth week. He then made the information public on our social media and website, noted the editor.

And we could go on like this. You don’t have to decide whether to join or not at the Central Industrial College of Construction and Business Academy in Kadanik, the Central Industrial College and the Central Professional College of Gastronomy and Services in Most, or the Pastelka Maternal College in st nad Labem.

Negotiations with the unions are yet to take place at the Stedn prmyslov circle in Resslov street. I won’t give a definite answer now. The president of the union only told me to consider the matter. They will decide in the morning, said editor Jaroslav Mare.

Kalina Grusov, the editor of Matesk kola Psnik v st nad Labem, considers the aside to be nonsense. We won’t talk about things because it’s nonsense. They will treat us like a teacher. They still won’t add it to the tariffs, so I will divide the pension evenly, as I have been doing until now. If anyone thinks that until now we have had enough money for non-pedagogues, they are wrong. “I don’t see any reason to protest,” said the editor.

In addition to the editors of the circles, the filled moles in the circle are also in the region. On the one hand, the Ministry takes retirement as a priority, and on the other hand, it will directly reduce teachers’ pensions. This will lead to the closure of classes or restrictions on the possibility of offering students at grammar schools, for example, Latin lessons, said Jindra Zalabkov, regional councilor for the area of ​​cycling, youth and sports (ANO).

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