Unemployment in the Pilsen region fell in October, and vacancies increased

Unemployment in the Pilsen region fell in October, and vacancies increased
Unemployment in the Pilsen region fell in October, and vacancies increased

The share of unemployed people in the Pilsen region fell from September’s 2.8 to 2.6 percent. There were 11,223 people without work at the end of October, 99 less than a month ago and 186 more than a year ago. Tomáš Moravec from the regional branch of the labor office in Pilsen informed about it. Last October, the share of unemployed was 0.1 percentage point higher. The offer of vacant jobs in the region has slightly increased month-on-month, there are currently almost 20,800 of them. According to the Labor Office, unemployment should stagnate in November.

The share of the unemployed is calculated from the number of so-called available applicants who could start work immediately. At the end of October, there were 10,155 of them aged between 15 and 64 in the region. It was 131 less than at the end of September and 285 more year-on-year.

Three regions had lower unemployment than the Pilsen region in October, but they were better off by hundredths of a percent. The first three places were occupied by the Zlín Region, the Vysočina Region and the South Bohemian Region, with 2.6 percent each. The share of the unemployed in the entire republic decreased by a tenth compared to September to 3.5 percent, there were 260,641 people without work. There were almost 280,500 free places.

“Unemployment in the region should stagnate in November, but it will depend on the weather. Seasonal work in all fields is still running at full capacity,” said Moravec. No company from the region reported mass layoffs in October.

The number of vacancies in the Pilsen Region is increasing for the seventh month in a row after the previous year’s decline. Compared to September, it rose by 247 to 20,789, but year-on-year places decreased by 1,233. Each applicant can now choose from an average of almost two vacancies at the regional employment office branches. The year-on-year decrease in positions is due to the fact that companies do not have the obligation to report vacant positions to the authorities in order to employ Ukrainians. They do not need a work permit and have the same access to the Czech labor market as EU workers. Before the war in Ukraine, companies had to report vacancies to the authorities so that Ukrainians could get work permits. Of the 20,789 vacancies, 16,008 positions are now also suitable for foreigners.

The most vacancies are currently in Pilsen, where the employment office registers 7,941, which is 175 more than in September, but a year-on-year decrease of 421 positions. There are still an average of 0.5 applicants per place. It is followed by Tachovskogo, where there are now 2992 vacancies. Month-on-month, the employment office registered a decrease of eight positions there, year-on-year there are 761 fewer, and 0.4 applicants per position in the long term. In the other five districts of the region, the number of vacancies offered by the labor office ranges from 1,300 in Rokycansk to 2,200 in the north of Pilsen.

In October, employment offices in the region registered 2,021 new job seekers, which was 339 fewer than in September. This was an increase of 66 year-on-year. 2,120 of them were removed from the register, of which 1,445 people started a new job.


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