St. Martin’s goose will be slightly more expensive this year. The pubs still report being full


/POLL/ Like every year, for many of us, St. Martin’s Day is not complete without traditional St. Martin’s wine and crispy goose. It will be served again this year in many restaurants in Pilsen. The good news is that the price of the St. Martin’s menu has increased only minimally.

Martin’s goose according to Martin Jiskra.

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“This year, as part of St. Martin’s feast, the prices are different than last year. Last year, the fairs were 15 to 20 percent more expensive than the previous year, this year I assume that the increase in prices will be reflected only in accordance with industry inflation, which is at the level of 8-10 percent,” says Luboš Kastner, Member of the Board of the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises and Tradesmen of the Czech Republic.

Price for a complete portion St. Martin’s Geese is now around 500 crowns. Nevertheless, lunchtime and evening times are hopelessly sold out in most of the restaurants approached. This is also confirmed by representatives of Pilsen restaurants contacted by Deník.

“Our guest gets a portion of St. Martin’s goose for 499 crowns, compared to last year, the price was only one percent higher. We have a whole goose, which is a portion for 4-6 people, for 1999 crowns. Goose is served with a variety of dumplings and white cabbage with raisins. But we are already completely full on Friday and Saturday, we could still hopefully find a few places on Sunday,” confirms the interest of people, Kateřina Kopejtková, operator of Restaurace U Salzmannů.

The situation is similar in other restaurant establishments. “We offer a traditional St. Martin’s menu from Friday to Sunday, and on the first two days you won’t find a seat at our place. We tried to keep the price the same as last year, so a portion of goose with a variation of dumplings and red cabbage costs 485 crowns,” says Karel Makrlík from Restaurace U Mansfelda.

Even in Pilsen, you can have lunch at a reasonable price. We have some tips for you

The well-known Hospoda Na Spilka offers a special St. Martin’s menu from November 9 to 19, and a portion of St. Martin’s goose with white and red cabbage costs 495 crowns. For a whole roast goose, if you order it at least a day in advance, you will pay 1450 crowns.

If you can no longer find a place in one of the Pilsen restaurants, you still have the opportunity to try St. Martin’s goose, goose liver or caldoun. For example, on Saturday at St. Martin’s Feast in Bolevecká village and on The Matouš family farmyard or one day later, on Sunday, November 12, at the party in Habrmann Park on Doubravka.

This year’s Christmas tree will travel to Pilsen from Dýšina, and will be on the square from Sunday

St. Martin's menus in restaurants have become slightly more expensiveSt. Martin’s menus in restaurants have become slightly more expensiveSource: Diary/Pavel BoudaSt. Martin’s celebration with wine tasting and live music is traditionally also held at Radyně Castle, where St. Martin himself will arrive on horseback with his entourage on Saturday at 2 p.m.

Roast goose but you can treat yourself at home and buy it according to current information and promotional offers in Pilsen stores. Frozen goose is available in Lidl for 179.90 crowns per kilogram, in Globus for 169.90 crowns and in Kaufland for 159.90 crowns per kilogram.

And how much can you buy a goose for, for example, in neighboring Germany? The Edeka chain offers goose breasts and legs for 12.99 euros per kg, and the whole goose for 6.49 euros per kg. Another chain, Netto, has a price of 8.33 euros per kg for a whole goose in its leaflet.

“But let people enjoy the holiday in the premium environment of the restaurant. This is what gastronomy is all about. People are enjoying fast food and deliveries more and more after covid. But this holiday should be about quality and stay in pubs and restaurants,” adds Luboš Kastner.

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