Festival mini uke only children’s furniture, toys and dolls


spn event was held for the first time in 2016. Kurtorka and founder of the festival, Tereza Bruthansov, carefully selected the exhibitors this time. For ast, product quality, design and durability were of primary importance.

The growing Mimimo furniture also includes a rustic Montessori washing table.

Tetina’s exhibitors will be at the event individually, for example Wildride, WeCare, Mojimali, Mumma, Kdy Kristin Usne, Thilma, Jasna, Tablo with children’s china and the new magazine Educa.

Moie and Jeej and Hoogo come from Slovakia, Adamo from Hungary and Joni studio from Germany. Atelier PI-HA, which is also the author of the visual style of the autumn festival and the mini awards, will have its premiere at the festival. The festival jury made the most interesting suggestions.

Remaining in the main role

The big theme this time will be the children’s room. Together with him, we will introduce the Mojimali store by architect Michaela Srbek and the growing Mimimo furniture store, the Lavly store with a range of Scandinavian furniture and accessories.

There will also be Made for Moms with a surplus of Charlie Crane characters and accessories from Gathre, Jasna with its lamp shades, the new Czech brand Artaban.studio with cots for the first name or Lunamies with stylish decorations.

Designer toys are offered by, for example, shop Chytr opika and Kidtown, beautiful dolls are offered by Jami.dolls, you can find original Czech toys at Utukut and the brands Stnosvt and Mijadeerka.

There will also be a train from Milno

Collection of KLRK Home accessories from Kolorka with Toucan sticker

While adults will browse the range of individual designers and manufacturers, children can have fun, for example, at the stands of Utukutu, Domky srdcem, Mojimali, Smyslk, Tablo and Totemo brands. This brand also presented a new plastic version of its kit, for which it won the first prize at the Milan Design Week and was awarded at a number of other events, including many awards.

Book covers will be waiting for new arrivals at the stands of the Meander publishing house, the ABCZ project with a new pexes and Frank and Elvika or the 2verky bookstore. Memory diaries for recording the first years of your little ones can be found in the signs V plenkch and the newly published kuchask book, then in Buchta v troub and Vc ne kuchaka.

The new Czech brand Artaban.studio presents itself with funny one-of-a-kind mats.

The sought-after category at the mini festival is thus cosmetics for children and mothers. This time it will be Attitude combined with Kosmetik bez voda and Made for Moms stores with an exclusive selection of foreign and Czech brands.

Amused and enlightened

As part of the accompanying program, children can get hands-on with the characters Woohoo and Krafci, the bookstore 2veverky, the designer Iva Tattermuschová, the character Jasna, or Denisa Ediva, the author of the book ABCZ.

Rodie appreciates the expert advice on how to support the healthy development of a baby with physiotherapist Michaela Karková (Dtsk physio mma). Healthy favors for children and parents will be waiting at the entrance as a gift from Czech Bombus characters.

Design picnic table by Nacity

And in the cafe, equipped with designer picnic tables by the Nacity company, guests can enjoy refreshments at Sugar Mama confectionery, Ze pajzu bistro or Flatwhite flowers. At the festival, of course, there won’t be a shortage of quiet places to eat and drink.

The main partner of this edition of the festival, which will take place from November 10 to 11 in Holeovick trnica in Hall 13is the name of the Kolorka brand, famous for its design collection of unicorn diapers and a number of accessories for the name.

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