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The tabloid website, which belongs to Seznam, has new graphics and an editorial system. It is also undergoing changes in terms of content, preparing its own video programs.

The redesign took place after almost thirteen years. The new arrangement is adapted to the fact that more than 60% of readers visit from a mobile phone. Much of the photos and videos are now presented vertically. What is new is the use of the stories format – short stories and trailers.

“The goal is for each article on the website to look like a magazine cover, with photos whose format adapts to the reader’s device, complemented by a unique colored background,” said Seznam chief designer Karel Pětruchno.

Sample of the new design

Sample of the new design


For example, captions for photos are more expressive and visually tuned to correspond with a specific photo.

“We combined the redesign of with the move to our common publishing platform ČNS X,” added Jiří Vítek, director of the content services and social ecosystem division. “ČNS X allows us to develop content sites in the long term, benefit from joint development and better connect with our growing social ecosystem,” he explained.

Readers will recognize the change, for example, by seeing articles based on personalized recommendations.

In terms of content, wants to focus more on the private lives of Czech and world celebrities. Introduces glosses, quizzes and other formats. There are also video programs in preparation, in which, for example, celebrities will comment on current issues or stylists will evaluate the fashion of well-known personalities.

The monthly traffic of is 3.9 million real users.

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