Tips for Thursday, November 9

Tips for Thursday, November 9
Tips for Thursday, November 9

How will you spice up this day? See below for an overview of today’s interesting events.

The drama Srpnové svetlo awaits you in Švand’s theater in the evening.

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Museum Kampa is extending the current exhibitions Fashion Paradox – MódaX Umění and Lubomír Přibyl – Retrospective

When: Until November 19
Where: Museum Kampa, U Sovových mlýnů 2, Prague 1

Due to the great interest in its current short-term exhibitions, Museum Kampa has decided to extend them by two weeks. Exhibitions of revolutionary fashion, primarily from the 1960s, the lifelong work of the painter and graphic artist Lubomír Přibyl, will last until November 19. Extensive catalogs were published by the museum for both exhibitions… The Fashion Paradox, Fashion X Art exhibition is located in the two main halls of the Kampa Museum and presents almost 100 women’s dresses, primarily from the 1960s. Through them, visitors are told the story of the birth of the modern woman, which is closely connected with the revolutionary fashion of the 60s. We will meet here with short and long dresses, silk, velvet, plastic and paper. In the exhibition, iconic pieces by designers such as Christian Dior, Yves Saint-Laurent, Coco Chanel and Paco Rabanne are confronted by the Museo Kampa’s collection of fine art from the same period. Here we can find the works of Adriena Šimotová, Nadi Plíšková, Pavla Mautnerová, Ladislav Sutnar, Mikuláš Medek, Karel Malich and many others… Lubomír Přibyl’s exhibition presents a cross-section of the lifelong work of this eighty-six-year-old painter and graphic artist. On two floors of the museum, you can see not only his typical geometric paintings and reliefs, but also early figurative oil paintings, structural paintings inspired by visits to the high-voltage laboratory in Běchovice, and a selection of Přbyl’s award-winning graphic works.

Švanda’s theater: August light

When: From the 19
Where: Švand’s Theater in Smíchov (Studio), Štefánikova 57, Prague 5
How much: CZK 290

An original Czech drama set in the rocky mountains of the icy north, through which the August light relentlessly penetrates. The old days are ending, and at the last, really last moment, the longed-for hope arrives. Karel and Ondřej live the rest of their youth in the abandoned farmhouse of their parents. They don’t need a village to live, they don’t need anything, they don’t believe in anything – they are left. However, they shelter a runaway girl filled with brightness. One loves her, the other needs her. Mrs. Eklman, an old acquaintance, comes to cut everything apart. Eklmanová as a lady of her solitude needed in a moment that a person must overcome.

Museum of Fantastic Illusions

When: Daily 9am-7pm (last entry at 6pm)
Where: Museum of Fantastic Illusions, Vodičkova 31, Prague 1
How much: From 179 CZK

Welcome to the magical world of optical illusions! Pavel Kožíšek’s Museum of Fantastic Illusions is a huge success with visitors and is now twice as big and x times more fun! Be part of a captivating exhibition of fantastic optical illusions and large-format trick paintings. Go for a unique experience in the funniest Czech museum, where you can also take great and funny photos and videos!

Arcades Pankrác celebrates 15 years

When: November 6 to 11, daily
Where: OC Arkády Pankrác, Na Pankráci 86, Prague 4
How much: Free entry

BIRTHDAY PARTY: Shopping center Arkády Pankrác celebrates the whole week from 6 to 11 November. his 15th birthday. From the former market in the building of the assembly plant with stalls with vegetables, fruit or shoes, the Arcades grew into beauty. The development company ECE, which has been the sole operator since the beginning, officially opened this complex on November 14, 2008. Since then, the center has undergone a number of changes and innovations.

We celebrate the week of Arkáda Pankrác 15, which will take place from November 6 to 11, will start with a Monday autograph signing by the actors from the series Ulice and the opportunity to play an AZ quiz live on the road. During the week, a series of events will take place for various target groups – be it seniors, youth, employees, but also mothers and children – everything will then culminate in a concert by Jan Bendigo on Saturday. Competitions, workshops, play and children’s corners, exercises, workshops will be held throughout the celebration.

Come to OC Arkády Pankrác at any time during the entire BIRTHDAY WEEK, as there will be entertainment, music and fun at every right address. You can find the complete program here.

Watch: Arcades celebrate their fifteenth birthday. Enjoy them too!

The Karel Zeman Museum is celebrating its birthday

When: Until November 11
Where: Karel Zeman Museum, Saská 3, Prague 1
How much: Museum admission 160 CZK discounted, 250 CZK adults

The Karel Zeman Museum in Prague on the Malá Strana is celebrating its 11th birthday until Wednesday, November 11, 2023. His visitors will receive gifts. During the entire birthday month, every visitor to the Karel Zeman Museum will receive an eleven of hearts playing card with the purchased ticket, with which they will then be able to draw birthday benefits from the Museum’s heart partners. The visitor receives a stamp from each partner when drawing the reward on his card. Everyone who collects all 11 stamps by the end of the celebration will receive unique joker cards with characters from Karel Zeman’s films, which the Museum prepared specifically for this event. “During those 11 years, almost 400,000 visitors passed through the museum’s gates, including important personalities from the world of not only Czech but also foreign film, and that makes us very happy. We are happy that we can continue to spread the legacy of the brilliant filmmaker Karel Zeman across generations and continents,” says film producer Ondřej Beránek, one of the Museum’s co-founders, with enthusiasm. “The Museum’s exhibition is designed to be interactive and its appearance keeps up with modern technologies. Thanks to this, visitors can fly like Baron Prášil on a cannonball or create their own animation as cut from a Karel Zeman film. At the same time, the entire Museum is fully barrier-free and the content of the exhibition is translated into Czech sign language. For next year, we are preparing to make the exhibition accessible to people with visual impairments, and that makes us very happy,” adds Lenka Priknerová, director of the Karel Zeman Museum.

More information here.

The lights tell the story

When: Daily until January 31, 5-9 p.m
Where: Zluté lázně, Podolské nábřeží 1184/3, Prague 4
How much: From 220 CZK, discount from 120 CZK

The “Lights tell…” park in Prague is located in the beautiful grounds of the most important natural swimming pool in the metropolis, the Yellow Spa, on the banks of the Vltava River. A view of the city with the reflections of the lights in the river, a cruise on an illuminated boat or a special Christmas tram ride through the city center. All this is part of this year’s packed program. 400 thousand LED lights combined with the art of designers and craftsmen will provide you with a perfect experience for the whole family, from children to grandmother. The park also has a special program for the little ones. A game with a map in the area is prepared for them, as well as animators with lots of games and entertainment in the children’s Christmas creative workshop. Of course there are plenty of bars and a snack stand where you can enjoy great food and drink.

The world of jellyfish

When: Daily 9-21
Where: OC Arkády Pankrác, Na Pankráci 86, Prague 4
How much: From 170 CZK, adults 260 CZK

Svět Medúz was created as a completely unique global project, where under one roof the stunning life of jellyfish intertwines with audiovisual effects. On an area of ​​over 700 square meters you will find 38 aquariums in which over 30 species of jellyfish can be seen. Young and old visitors can also look forward to video mapping and unique attractions.

Exhibition: A century of Czech masons

When: Until November 26, daily except Monday 10-12 and 13-18
Where: Novoměstská radnice, Karlovo náměstí 1/23, Prague 2
How much: CZK 80-149

The Masonic Grand Lodge of the Czech Republic is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. On this occasion, its members decided to organize an exhibition Freemasons with the subtitle Freemasonry through the eyes of Freemasons and to acquaint the public with its history and current activities in more detail. The exhibition will also include the reconstruction of an installation by Alphonse Mucha called The Last Work, destroyed during the war.

One hundred years is just the beginning: Czech Radio 1923–2023

When: Until December 31, every day except Monday 9-18
Where: National Technical Museum, Kostelní 42, Prague 7
How much: From CZK 60, adults CZK 280

To mark the centenary of regular radio broadcasting in our country, Czech Radio together with the National Technical Museum is organizing the exhibition “A hundred years is just the beginning – Czech Radio 1923-2023”. From the grand opening on May 17, 2023 until the end of the year, visitors can literally experience the diversity of radio production over the past century thanks to various forms of listening. But in addition to history, the exhibition will also present current trends and prospects of content consumption, methods of its reception and distribution.

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