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“After the passage of the undulating cold front, which will begin to affect the weather in our country during Thursday evening, colder and moist air will flow into the Czech Republic from the northwest,” Honsová described the reasons for the cooling, which will last until Monday.

On Thursday it will be partially clear or almost clear at first, with fog or low clouds in places. Cloudiness will increase from the west during the day and precipitation will also increase in places. Temperatures will range between 9 and 13 °C.

On Friday it will be cloudy to cloudy, with rain or showers again in some places, which will be snowy on the mountain tops. During the afternoon, the clouds will decrease from the west and the temperatures will rise to 7 to 11 °C. Morning lows will drop to 5 to 1°C.

The frosts are slowly starting to show up

We will also encounter large clouds accompanied by showers or rain in places On Saturday. Snowfall will again be expected in the mountains. In the morning, temperatures will drop to 4 to 0 °C, daytime temperatures should reach 5 to 9 °C.

Over the past 20 years, November 11, when, according to ancient legends, St. Martin on a white horse should arrive, the year 2007 brought the most snow – at that time, the snow cover lay even in the lowlands in the morning, the meteorologist recalled.

“Also in 2004, there was up to 2 centimeters of snow in the peripheral parts of Prague. In 2016, snow showers occurred from an altitude of 500 meters above sea level, in 2017 from 700 meters, and it snowed in the mountains in 2010, 2009 and 2002,” she added.

Sunday it will be cloudy, rain or showers in places, snowfall from higher altitudes. Later in the afternoon and evening it should be partially clear,” said Honsová. The lowest morning temperatures will drop to 4 to 0 °C, occasionally down to -2 °C. During the day, values ​​will remain between 5 and 9 °C.

From Monday to Wednesday cloudy to overcast should prevail. In some places we will encounter rain or showers, while on Monday and Tuesday it will be snow from higher altitudes.

It should gradually warm up, so while temperatures will remain between 4 and 9°C on Monday and Tuesday, it should already be 8 to 12°C on Wednesday. The increase in morning lows will be even more striking. In the beginning they will stay around 0, by Wednesday they should be between 7 and 3 °C.

The year 2023 will probably be the warmest in the history of measurements, Copernicus announced ahead of time

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