Where to go on a Saturday in Prague? I have a tip for you for St. Martin’s festivities

Where to go on a Saturday in Prague? I have a tip for you for St. Martin’s festivities
Where to go on a Saturday in Prague? I have a tip for you for St. Martin’s festivities

Tasty food and good smell. These are often the reasons, not only for Martinov on November 11. There will be plenty of time to enjoy Prague on the weekend. For the tip of the daily Metro, you will find no.

Feasts and tastings
For example, in Prague 3 there will be a tasting of young wines and heavy specialties. St. Martin’s festival takes place at the square of Jiho z Podbrad on Saturday. The stalls with fragrance and dressing will be open from 8 o’clock in the morning. A children’s program and a musical performance are also included. According to tradition, St. Martin on a stupid horse represents winter. This holiday coincides with the middle of the economic cycle, when it is customary to feast and taste wine together, Pavel Keek, Prague 3 councilor for culture, invites to the event. Just like at the Vinohradsk wine harvest, even now it will be possible to taste some of our special glasses, which bear a link to the troika and be sure not to lose it or send it to the house for use, adds the councilor for culture.

Comfort on the float
Around 40 wine bars, 23 wines from Czech and Moravia, wine tasting, goose specialties and a rich accompanying program will be the 12th year of the Svatomartin festival of youth festivals and geese. The event will take place on Saturday on the Ranova nbe promenade between the Vtoni railway bridge and the Vyhradsky Skla. It starts symbolically at 11 hours and 11 minutes.

Privod to the Charles Bridge
At the same time, in addition to going from the 11th saw of the Charles Bridge, on Saturday, the procession of St. Martin will come out, including eleven geese, which will lead the eleven herd of geese. The core of the program is the stedovk theater and a performance by the stedovk band emdih. The Charles Bridge Museum is preparing a St. Martin’s market with St. Martin’s specialities. In addition to wine, St. Martin’s beer is also prepared.

They will also come
The National Agricultural Museum in Prague 7 has prepared an event for St. Martin. You can enjoy St. Martin’s goodies, good wine, dulcimer music or children’s activities. At 11 a.m. and 12 p.m., the city police of Prague will introduce the breed of the old warehouse dog. Visitors can pet the horse and take pictures with them. These horses, bred continuously for more than 400 years, are the oldest original Czech breed of horse, which was, in particular, the only breed in the world that was excellently special for taen kor csa and krl.

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