Prague 12 is the friendliest office in the city, winning in competition with sixteen others | Company | News | Prague Gossip

Prague 12 is the friendliest office in the city, winning in competition with sixteen others | Company | News | Prague Gossip
Prague 12 is the friendliest office in the city, winning in competition with sixteen others | Company | News | Prague Gossip

In the Ministry of the Interior’s Welcoming Office competition, the twelfth city district won first place for Prague. In total, seventeen city districts signed up for the project, which evaluates the authorities’ approach to citizens, one more than last year. But last year’s winner Prague 10 was not interested in defending their success.

The Ministry of the Interior has been organizing the Welcoming Office competition since 2016, when 190 cities and districts of Prague applied for it. “The goal is to map and evaluate the state of friendliness of the authorities towards citizens. Such criteria as the number of office hours, the electronicization of agendas, the introduction of online tools and mobile applications, the possibility to pay administrative fees by payment card, and communication with citizens are monitored. describes the ministry on its website.

Participants fill out a questionnaire with 88 questions, sometimes they choose from options, other answers are written down. Is there an archive of records from council meetings available on the website? Does your office inform citizens in crisis situations by means of SMS messages? Is there a free wireless internet connection available at the office for citizens?, some of them ask.

Seventeen Prague districts entered the competition this year, Prague 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 22. As she told Pražská Drbna Hana Zelenková from the Department of Strategic Development and Coordination of Public Administration, it is one more than last year.

This year, Prague 1, Prague 9 and Prague 19 joined. On the other hand, Prague 10 did not want to defend its victory from last year. “This year, Prague 10 did not enter the competition,” a spokesperson for Desítka confirmed to the editors of Pražská Drbna Jan Bruno Tropp. Likewise, Prague 14 no longer competed.

Prague 12, which was third last year, rejoiced at the victory. “I would like to thank all the employees, because they create a pleasant environment. And I assure the citizens that we will not rest on our laurels and will continue to improve our services in order to create a better Prague 12 together,” the mayor stated on the website of the municipal district Vojtěch Kos (ODS).

Prague 7 is second, just like last year, in 2021 it was even first. “Defending a good position is usually the most difficult. I am therefore very happy on behalf of the entire office that we have succeeded and that we are repeatedly at the top of the competition in other Prague city districts. The openness and friendliness of the office is extremely important, so that citizens know that we are here for them and can turn to us without fear, “ stated on the website of the mayor of Prague 7 Jan Čižinský (Prague To Yourself).

Prague 5 has never scored in the competition before, this year’s third place is the first success.

“Success in the Friendly Office competition only confirms that we went in the right direction a year ago. That’s when we started working with our coalition partners to make the Prague 5 Town Hall a pleasant, accommodating and reliable partner for all local citizens, organizations and business entities. With the help of high-quality officials, we are gradually succeeding in fulfilling this vision,” announced the mayor of Prague 5 on the website Radka Šimková (Prague 5 Sóbe).

The ministry declared Pelhřimov the overall winner, Kolín second and Brno third.

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