The Olomouc Region Waste Project can officially build a sorting line

The Olomouc Region Waste Project can officially build a sorting line
The Olomouc Region Waste Project can officially build a sorting line


The construction of a new large-capacity automatic sorting line in Olomouc in Chválkovice continues successfully. The Odpady Olomouc region project received an EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) environmental permit. The document decided that the construction of the line does not have a negative impact on the environment. All large constructions and all businesses with a potentially significant impact on the environment must attach this permit to the implementation application.

“Thanks to this document, we can start building the sorting line, which I am very happy about, because in the current situation, when the construction of the third boiler was rejected in Brno, our project is even more necessary than before. This is due to the fact that boilers in the Olomouc region only accept specified fuels, which cannot be produced without technological treatment of waste into fuel.” said Josef Suchánek, governor of the Olomouc region.

Another challenge that the project is currently facing is the planned introduction of backups of PET bottles and cans as part of the waste issue. “The line is counting on sorting PET and beverage cans from municipal waste, and the profits from the sale of this material would thus remain with the municipalities. Removing PET bottles from waste could mean a loss of over fifty million crowns a year,” said Martin Šmída, a councilor of the Olomouc Region, who is also the chairman of the Association Odpady Olomouc Region.

Service company Odpady Olomoucký kraje is against backups

The shareholders of the Service Company, led by the city of Olomouc, opposed the backup. At their sixth meeting, city representatives voted for a resolution against back-up and joined the initiative to jointly strengthen the existing system of collection and sorting of all separated waste, including PET bottles and beverage cans. In addition to unions and associations of cities and municipalities, the Association of Regions also rejects the introduction of backup.

“Introduction of backing up PET bottles would economically damage not only our project, but the entire market. On the other hand, mechanical sorting of plastics would become a technological necessity and, in fact, the only possibility to sort plastics, because manual sorting machines would lose their importance. So our project would definitely not go down because of the backup.” councilor Šmída explained. “Therefore, the Olomouc Region Waste Project makes sense in all circumstances, whether there will be backup or not,” he added.

In addition to Olomouc, the sorting line will also serve other cities and municipalities that are involved in the project. The line will process both mixed municipal waste and the contents of yellow bins, which, in the framework of multi-commodity collection, should focus not only on plastics but also on metals and tetrapak packaging.

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