The fire at the school was caused by a malfunction of the television



The classrooms and the party damaged by the fire were moved to other premises

Tomorrow will be a week since the fire in the building that houses the Primary School, Primary Art School and Kindergarten in Kašperské Hory. So today we were interested in how the schools dealt with the consequences of the fire.

Three units of professional and volunteer firefighters went to the fire that broke out on Friday, November 3 before half past six in the morning, and managed to locate and extinguish the fire in a short time.

Apparently, the fire occurred due to a technical fault with the TV. Thanks to the closed windows in the room, the fire did not spread to other rooms, but the smoke penetrated into two other classes on the upper floor of the building and also into the corridor. Fortunately, the whole incident was avoided without any injuries.

The school management had to declare a director’s leave and immediately began to ensure the repairs necessary to resume school operations.
“The affected classes and the group were moved to other premises, so we were able to function at one hundred percent again from Monday. In the meantime, in cooperation with the founder, i.e. the municipality of Kašperské Hory, they secured the specialist company Maxima 2000 from Kladno, and I must say that the guys are working hard here absolutely fantastic.At the moment they are carrying out the remediation of the smoke affected areas and any other necessary work, so the smoke affected corridor and classrooms should be accessible again from next monday.
The most work will be in the party, which will have to be completely renovated.”
the school principal told us today.

Photo: firefighters


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