Mal Komaice doesn’t even have sewerage, idiot fills the association house for 50 million

Mal Komaice doesn’t even have sewerage, idiot fills the association house for 50 million
Mal Komaice doesn’t even have sewerage, idiot fills the association house for 50 million

According to experts, this is the most expensive project for small municipalities in the Czech Republic. Komaice is preparing a building for no more than 50 million crowns on Eskobudjovice. There will also be an association house with a pub and social hall, including space for clubs, sports and culture.

The assumed investment means for a municipality that does not even have water supply, sewerage or a bicycle, an estimated amount of income. Representative rely on subsidies.

The vision is supported by half of the residents, as shown by a summer survey and a meeting with the architect who organized the general plan. He announced an architectural meeting for the project with a deadline of December 1. In January, a commission made up of representatives of the municipality and experts will select the relevant proposal.

Selection of new and planned municipal or association houses in the region

Krakowice Last November, it was possible to complete a communal house for seven million crowns in Krakovice, which falls under the imutitie on Budjovice. The resident thus has at his disposal a room measuring 7 by 9 meters, but a crisis apartment in the attic.
To me The Mestys in Krumlovska started with the money to convert the falconry into a public house in 2022. After the reconstruction for 52 million, it will be used for cultural, sports and social events. Use it as well as the Krumlov ZU.
Radomyl A year ago, a new falconry was built in Radomyla in Strakonicko, its construction cost 42 million crowns. I host cultural events and now work for theater, firemen, children and tourists. In command Design of a community building in a small town in Krumlovska pot with a restaurant and a building with a multifunctional hall for social events and sports. The town hall is finalizing the project documentation for a building permit. They want to finance the construction for 140 million from their budget, subsidies and loans.

The building should be built on the land that we bought from a private owner. Clem is a town with several buildings in an unsatisfactory technical condition to build a public house, where there should be a bee hall, an inn and a library, Mayor Vojtch Tomrle (independent) said.

The idea was born in 2019, when the municipality bought a dilapidated homestead near the public park for 2.9 million crowns with the intention of using it for leisure activities. Due to the poor technical condition of several buildings, the architect Miroslav Vodk from Budjovica persuaded the representatives to proceed with the demolition and construction of a new building.

Vodek was a member of the team working on the development of Budjovice in the European Capital of Culture 2028. The regional city won and Komaice, which is 15 kilometers away, contributed to the project with their rural cultural activities. One of them is the residential house of the association Rezi.Dance, where they present dance and theater performances for amateurs and professionals. The premises of the old farmhouse are used by the community for social meetings and events.

The residential house is run by Komaick representative Markta Hrdlika Mlkov with her husband, she was inspired by cooperative houses abroad, where she worked for several years. We have a lot of young families and children who want to meet. It is true that the investment in the community center will be high and the village does not yet have other necessary things, such as water supply and sewerage, but I am convinced that culture and social events are equally important, she said.

Hrdlika Mlkov is convinced that meeting residents and cultural programs for n can solve many neighborhood misunderstandings and sweat. The future association house will have a garden for outdoor events, including sports and children’s hits.

In the past, the village used the neighboring Renaissance building, where a pub also operated, for social gatherings. After 1990, the restitutors got it and let the black monument fall into disrepair. Since 2015, the building has been owned by a private company that built a hotel here.

According to Mayor Tomrle, the new owner only secured the building in a state of disrepair, but did nothing in it. The estate with its extensive garden has always been the most important cultural heritage of Komaic, apart from the two chapels, the village has nothing so valuable. The problems in the present day are due to the bypass, the owner of the building and the Jihoesk region cannot agree on it.

Komaice, known since the 13th century for its settlements and the cottage area near Male, wants to go a different way than the southern villages selling land to developers for investment buildings. It was also designed to have a water supply system from the existing and currently functioning grocery store, its building, built many years ago in Action Z, had the village heat it.

Don’t be afraid of the investment in spolkov dm for tens of millions of crowns, mayor. See a step into the future. He wants to draw money from European funds and count, and a suitable invitation will come. The village is exceptional in that it has reached the stage of architectural competition. According to our findings, Komaice is the smallest municipality in the country that has published such a large death, the secretary of the court, architect Miroslav Vodk.

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