Another simplification for drivers! You can now submit an electronic application for a driver’s license even without a data box


The Czech Republic – The Ministry of Transport is introducing another digital simplification of the online application for the replacement of a driver’s license. From November 3, it is not necessary to have a data box set up to send a request on the Transport Portal. All you have to do is log in to the Transport Portal and submit your driver’s license application.

Electronic submission of driver’s license applications has been making life easier for citizens for almost two and a half years. Since the launch of the Transport Portal, the number of requests has tripled, we are currently talking about 1,600 requests per week.

“Our long-term goal is to make all digital tools for citizens as simple and accessible as possible. We also listen to citizens, which is why I am glad that, after an agreement with the Digital and Information Agency, we managed to remove the obligation to have a data box of a natural person for submitting an application. The entire application will thus become even simpler and faster, and the applicant will only need a few clicks. Thanks to this step, electronic filing is now accessible to almost all citizens and we are happy that we can save people the trip to the office and the associated time and money,” says Minister of Transport Martin Kupka and adds: “The digitization of all important transport agendas is one of my priorities in function. We have a clear timetable and we are moving towards the digitization of all important agendas of the Department of Transport by February 1, 2025.”

The online application for a new driver’s license takes no more than a few minutes, and the applicant does not have to worry about making a mistake, as it is completely pre-filled, including the most recent photo and signature. The applicant only has to choose the place where he wants to pick up the new card, or filling in the contact details for sending notifications, if they are not already stored in the register of residents. For the delivery of a new driver’s license, he can choose from any of the 206 municipal offices of municipalities with extended powers, a list of which can be found on the website of the Ministry of Transport.

Although from January 1, 2024, thanks to an amendment to the Road Traffic Act, it will no longer be necessary to physically carry a driver’s license when driving, nothing changes about the obligation to have a valid driver’s license. Periodic exchanges of IDs will therefore take place as before.

“In addition to the application for a new driver’s license due to expiration, data change, theft or loss, interested parties can use the Transport Portal to arrange dozens of other services from all transport areas, starting with the vehicle register and ending with the extension of the ship’s certificate,” reminds Karel Váchal, representative of the digital representative of the Ministry of Transport. “We are currently working on completing other services, so citizens can look forward to, for example, receiving notifications about changing their points account or electronic requests for the vehicle agenda,” he adds.

Citizens can log in to the Transport Portal using their bank identity, citizen identity, eGovernment mobile key or eCitizenship.

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