The road was blocked by cars holding a military bike, not even an ambulance drove by

The road was blocked by cars holding a military bike, not even an ambulance drove by
The road was blocked by cars holding a military bike, not even an ambulance drove by

The rescuers got into an unpleasant situation when they passed a bird in Jevsk Street. Before the honking of the ambulance, he tried to back up the Renault. But he didn’t do very well. There was no other option, not to beat the ambulance like that, but because of the number of parked cars, he didn’t have one. Bending to the other side, the railings tingled again.

In the street, there is a wall of destruction or stopped for non-payment and there is not even a single spruce.

At the military bike in Moravsk Tebov, an open day took place at the time, which he was extremely excited about. The cars were parked in the street until the afternoon, said Josef Janeek, who recorded the video and provided it to the editors of

About the difficult traffic situation, driven by bicycles. Of course, we are sorry. We would be glad if it ended without such inconveniences. We tried to catch the parking lot as much as possible, we had people in the back, but the spit inside was really extreme at one point. On the other hand, we cannot be held responsible for every idea that drinks, said the press and information officer of the Military Center of the Ministry of Defense, Jan Konopk, with the fact that 1,200 people visited the club on Friday, despite the weather.

The organization of the new day is analyzed by the group leader, and for five events of a similar kind, we accept the responsible guardian. One of the options in the day is to make more parking spaces available in the bike park, added Konopk.

The roughly two-minute scuffle that the ambulance took did not endanger the patient’s life. All members of the Pardubice region’s health care services arrived for the patients of your village on Friday. We don’t have mucus problems today. If the ambulance were to get stuck in a traffic jam, we are prepared for such situations, said Alena Kisiala, spokesperson for regional rescue services.

According to Kisiala, cases where an ambulance cannot move are a problem in large cities. Of course, there will be traffic accidents, accidents or ambulance breakdowns. The operation center of such a situation immediately and sent to the place the nearest employee who will pass by, or a replacement vehicle will come out of the nearest entrance, she added.

The incident, when the ambulance did not get to the patient, happened last year in the middle of nowhere in Prague. At that time, a traffic accident blocked the Prask ring road. Pesto ideos created an escape route, traffic collapsed and the rescue remained stuck in the column.

Sometimes survivors cannot do without the help of the police. For example, in May of this year, a policeman on a motorcycle guided a Slovak ambulance through a ten-kilometer traffic jam near Brno, which rushed a small patient to a Bratislava hospital. A similar decline happened in Brno last year as well.

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