Saint Martin says: Forget the white horse even on the mountain tops

Saint Martin says: Forget the white horse even on the mountain tops
Saint Martin says: Forget the white horse even on the mountain tops

Mostecko – A certain person should be summoned to give an explanation. Isn’t it? She instilled in everyone’s heads that every year on November 11th, it will be beautifully white, which is a complete bird’s eye, moreover, quite… bold by today’s standards.

“You artificial intelligence, what do you think of the story about Saint Martin coming on a white horse?”

“Saint Martin is a popular holiday in the Czech Republic and many people look forward to its arrival. Tradition says that Saint Martin arrives on a white horse. However, this story has little to do with the person of St. Martin. Saint Martin was a Roman soldier…”

“Nice, but what is your personal opinion? Don’t copy from the net, think a little.”

“My purpose is to provide helpful, positive, polite, empathetic, interesting, entertaining and engaging answers. My job is to answer questions based on facts and objective information…”

“What do you think is objective information?”

“My purpose is to provide helpful, positive, polite…”

Well dear, this is what artificial intelligence looks like made in India. The golden nineties, when Windows from Redmond was purely American and when creating a primitive spreadsheet in Excel was enough to dominate Wall Street (an allusion to the old Excel commercial).

We digressed a bit, so back to the topic.

No, we won’t see snowflakes on November 11 this year, let alone a continuous snow cover. We won’t even be able to go to the roof of our region due to the snow, i.e. to Klínovec (Klínovec as such is already located in the neighboring region). However, there is already some snow on Sněžka and in general on the Krkonoše ridges (up to ten centimeters on Wednesday morning, specifically on the Polish side of Sněžka).

So what will this year’s Saint Martin (and not only him) perform?

November 9: In the afternoon, an occlusion front will arrive, associated with a pressure trough, which the Germans named Helmoe. It probably won’t bring any precipitation. Until the arrival of the occlusion front, a greater amount of high clouds can be expected in the sky. Highest afternoon temperatures around 8 to 12 °C.

November 10: And here it is. The headquarters lights up its Christmas tree. So hooray for presents… What would Father Christmas say about that? Friday’s weather will be more interesting than Thursday’s. It will rain relatively well in the lowlands and it will snow in the mountains. But not here, but in Moravia and Silesia. 99% of us will see houbeles, i.e. ho… After sunset, it gets clear for about seven hours, so if you have a telescope, feel free to light it up. Highest afternoon temperatures around 6 to 10 °C. Lowest morning temperatures around 7 to 3 °C.

11th November: During the night there will often be fog and low clouds, and even if not, clouds will still come from Germany after lunch. Precipitation totals apparently zero. Highest afternoon temperatures around 4 to 8 °C. Lowest morning temperatures around 4 to 0 °C.

November 12: No hits. Highest afternoon temperatures around 4 to 8 °C.

13th November: No hits. Highest afternoon temperatures around 4 to 8 °C.

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