Where at the weekend? For St. Martin’s celebrations, Desmod, Catapult or hunting ball


Weekend Diary Tips are here! Every week, we prepare a rich batch of options for you in the editorial office, how to spend the whole weekend interestingly. Choose from our offer of events across the entire Olomouc region.


St. Martin’s Olomouc
WHEN: Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 November
WHERE: Horní and Dolní náměstí, Olomouc
FOR HOW MUCH: free entry
WHY COME: A two-day varied program full of wine and good music in the center of Olomouc. On Saturday around 11 o’clock Martin will arrive on a white horse, at exactly 11:11 a wine blessing will take place and you will be accompanied by dulcimer music from Wallachia all day on Horní náměstí. Good wine, snacks, grilled goodies, hot alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks will be served. On Dolní náměstí you can look forward to the sale of St. Martin’s and young wines of 2023 (always from 11 a.m. every day) and tastings of two dozen wineries from Moravia and Austria. There will also be a special Martin’s menu with goose. For example, Hejčínan, Matěj Plíhal, Panaq or Cimbal Hell Band will play. Every day ends there with a fire show (from 7 p.m.).

Saint Martin’s Olomouc, November 11, 2022Source: Petr Pelíšek

Lanterns on St. A scoop
WHEN: Saturday, November 11, from 5 p.m
WHERE: St. Kopeček, opening at the statue of St. Jan Nepomucký
FOR HOW MUCH: for free
WHY COME: A procession around the basilica with chants and stops with scenes from the life of St. Martin. Meeting with small refreshments in the courtyard of the complex. The organizers ask children to bring lanterns with candles to the parade.

Saint Martin near the castle
WHEN: Saturday, November 11, 3-7 p.m
WHERE: Castle Square in Velká Bystřice and amphitheater
FOR HOW MUCH: free entry
WHY COME: Start of sales of St. Martin’s wines and specialties, commented tasting, lantern procession accompanied by fire jugglers led by St. Martin on horseback (from the school courtyard), St. Martin’s performance, fire show, fireworks


About Bob Pácl’s ice cap
WHEN: Saturday, November 11, from 11 a.m
WHERE: Beach near Vrbiček, Plumlovská dam
FOR HOW MUCH: for free
WHY COME: The swimming races of the hardy members of the Haná Prostějov section, known to the general public for example from the traditional Christmas bath, will take place on U Vrbiček beach. Attractive competitions for winter swimmers are included in the Czech Cup, and this year the legendary Prostejov hardman will be swimming for the ninth time for the Ledovó čapu.

Swimmers DZP Haná Prostějov.Source: Gabriela Ježková

Festive musical evening
WHEN: Saturday, November 11, from 7 p.m
WHERE: falconry, Prostějov-Čechovice
FOR HOW MUCH: admission is voluntary
WHY COME: The celebration of the great anniversary of 120 years since the foundation of the corps is organized by volunteer firefighters from Krasice. Visitors can expect an exhibition of period chronicles mapping the history of SDH Krasice and many other surprises. The band Novios plays for dancing and listening.

Krampus hell show
WHEN: Saturday, November 11, from 6 p.m
WHERE: football field, Bedihošť
FOR HOW MUCH: 50 crowns for children, 150 crowns for adults
WHY COME: The football field turns into hell. Scary Krampus people will visit Bedihoště, who will unleash unique entertainment. The event is organized by the municipality of Bedihošť and rich refreshments are provided.

The terrifying alpine devils will visit Prostějov for the first time on Sunday.Illustrative photo.Source: Facebook Krampus OL, with permission

DESmod and Gabriela VG
WHEN: Saturday, November 11, from 7:30 p.m
WHERE: Community house, Prostějov
FOR HOW MUCH: 450 crowns, 750 crowns VIP ticket
WHY COME: Several times winner of the Slovak Golden Nightingale – the group DESmod will also visit Prostějov as part of its tour. They will perform in the Social House on Saturday evening, together with local rocker Gabriela VG. People can look forward to well-known hits, as well as new songs by the popular Slovak band.

Slovak legend Desmod in Krnov club Kofola on Friday, November 3, 2023Slovak legend Desmod.Source: Diary/František Kuba

Autumn Restaurant day
WHEN: Sunday, November 12, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m
WHERE: National House, Prostějov
FOR HOW MUCH: for free
WHY COME: Another, this time autumn, continuation of the popular event of amateur chefs will offer a variety of specialties. You can look forward to Basque delicacies, potato chips, miniburgers or homemade beer. There will also be homemade desserts, buns and pancakes.


Lantern Festival
WHEN: Friday, November 10
WHERE: meeting in front of the Rodinka club at Želatovské 12, Přerov from 4 to 6 p.m
FOR HOW MUCH: 60 crowns, for female club members 40 crowns (card with you)
WHY COME: Come and save hibernating bugs, a lantern or a lantern with you. At the finish line, there will be a fire waiting for everyone and cookies for purchase.

St. Martin’s weekend
WHEN: from Friday 10 to Sunday 12 November
WHERE: Sokolovna, chapel, Henčlov
WHY COME: TJ Sokol Henčlov, the Local Committee, the Henčlov fire brigade and the Roman Catholic Parish of Troubky invite you to St. Martin’s weekend. A rich program, festive entertainment and Holy Mass are prepared. The word about St. Martin will be heard in the chapel of St. Martin in Henclov. Then there is a lantern parade, a feast competition for children in the falconry and Just Dance for children. On Saturday, you can look forward to festive entertainment from 7 p.m. Jurin plays for the dance, there will be an entertainment program with surprises and a rich raffle, the entrance fee is 80 crowns. On Sunday, from 10.30 a.m., the Holy Mass will take place in front of St. Martin’s Chapel.

illustrative photoillustrative photoSource: DENÍK/Karel Pech

Until We Fall Fest Vol. 2
WHEN: Saturday, November 11 from 6 p.m
WHERE: Teplo Club, Přerov
FOR HOW MUCH: 250 crowns
WHY COME: Already the 2nd year of the music festival Until We Fall Fest Vol. 2 is going to take place on Saturday at Klub Teplo in Přerov. Přerov alternative metal Critical Acclaim will perform, Olomouc hardcore metal Hazydecay, nu-core band from Berouba Bikiny Shop and crossover metal group Abused & Neglected will bring from Prostějov.

Long live Bochoun!
WHEN: Saturday, November 11 from 7 p.m
WHERE: Sokolovna, Hranice
FOR HOW MUCH: 200 crowns
WHY COME: Premiere Long live Bouchon! theater Ventyl will take place this Saturday in Sokolovná Hranice. The European Union cannot be squeezed indefinitely, but other institutions can be squeezed as well. Mayor Jaques is convinced of this, trying to save the remote town of Bouchon somewhere in the interior of France from extinction by drawing all kinds of subsidies. Not even an inspection from Brussels, looking for embezzled millions, will prevent the realization of his plans. His closest collaborators, secretary Odetta and brother Nicolas, will stand by his side until the very end. An almost absurd farce by the most performed contemporary French comedy authors Jean Dell and Gérald Sibleyras, it was a great success with the Parisian audience at the time of its creation (2006). Long live Bouchon!

Ventyl Theater in Hranice has been operating since 2013.Ventyl Theater in Hranice has been operating since 2013.Source: Ventyl Theater archive, with permission

Colossalist, Ador Dorath & Antigod
WHEN: Friday, November 10 from 8 p.m
WHERE: Castle Club, Hranice
FOR HOW MUCH: 250 crowns
WHY COME: All lovers of alternative music should not miss a concert full of metal, dense atmosphere and musical shamanism, which will take place on Friday, November 10, at the Castle Club in Hranice. As part of the Metalshop Tour 2023, the bands Ador Dorath and Antigod will perform here, bringing their brand new material, while Colosalist will support the concert as guests.

The band Colosalist, led by Petr Staňek and Filip Chudy, are known as the founders of the legendary band Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy.The band Colosalist, led by Petr Staňek and Filip Chudy, are known as the founders of the legendary band Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy.Source: Colossalist archive, with permission

Traditional ball Last year
WHEN: Saturday, November 11 from 8 p.m
WHERE: Sokolovna, Střítež nad Ludinou
FOR HOW MUCH: 150 crowns
WHY COME: The traditional hunting ball will take place on Saturday, November 11 from 8 p.m. in the local falconry in Strítež nad Ludinou. RK Band Radka Kňury will play for dancing and listening. A rich raffle and hunting cuisine will be prepared.


Music party with bands Argema and Premier
WHEN: Saturday, November 11 from 7 p.m.
WHERE: House of Culture Zábřeh
FOR HOW MUCH: 390 CZK in advance, 490 CZK on site
WHY COME: Fans of harder music can look forward to a stomping musical party with legendary rock bands on Saturday, November 11, when stalwarts of the Czech music scene will play in the Zábřež cultural center. “In their golden period of the 90s, the group Argema was rolling the charts, and a poster with their likeness hung in more than one room. She then permanently immortalized her native Uherské Hradiště and its district Jarošov in the hit Jarošovský pivovar. However, he was not the only one, others included songs such as Tohle je raj, Modrý mondelá or Milion snů,” reminds Zdeněk David from Zábřežská kulturní. The exclusive musical guest of the evening will be the band Premier from Zlín, which burst onto the music scene in 1994 with the immortal hit Hrobař.

The final concert of this year's St. Lawrence Festival in Přerov was provided by the well-known Czech band Argema, who performed their greatest hits on Sunday evening. Thousands of people arrived at Masaryk SquareCzech group Argema.Source: Diary/Petra Poláková-Uvírová

Nostalgia tour of the legendary Catapult
WHEN: Friday, November 10 from 7 p.m.
WHERE: Šumperk House of Culture
FOR HOW MUCH: 500 CZK in advance, 590 CZK on the day of the event
WHY COME: Olda Říha – the brain, heart and soul of Katapult – celebrates her 75th birthday and 60 years on the scene (1963 – 2023). And so Olda didn’t mess with it, and Katapult prepared the annual Nostalgia tour. In addition, he made himself very happy and the new album Nostalgia is released before the tour. Two wreckers: Vašek Zima (drums) and Bigman Kódl (bass and vocals), who recorded the album with Olda, are also going on a concert tour with him. The new stage for Katapult is here, and with everything!

From the concert of the band Katapult in the Culture House in Bezno as part of the autumn part of the annual Nostalgia tour.Catapult.Source: Petr Linhart

The 20th anniversary of the Retro cinema in Zábrež
WHEN: Sunday, November 12 from 6 p.m
WHERE: cinema Retro Zábřeh
FOR HOW MUCH: 150 CZK in advance, 200 CZK on the day of the event
WHY COME: In mid-November, the Retro cinema in Zábrež will celebrate 20 years of its existence. The birthday party in the form of a film music concert will start here on Sunday, November 12 at 6 p.m. The Zábrež brass band will perform under the direction of conductor Lubomír Vepřek and accompanied by singers Eliška Minářová and Petr Fick. Together, they will present a concert program consisting of well-known melodies that were heard in legendary Czech and foreign film hits, such as Noc na Karlštejn, S tebow me bavi svět, Sakalí leta, Pretty Woman, Hvězdna brána or the legendary Professional.

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