Control action DRUM: Customs officers discovered drugs, defective meat and counterfeits worth hundreds of thousands!


Ústí Region – Forty inspected vehicles, confiscated counterfeits, objectionable meat, drugs and other offenses – this is the result of the control action of the Ústí customs officials on the D8 highway.

At the beginning of November, at the Siřejovice highway rest area near Lovosice, a control action by the customs office was carried out, focused on illegal transport of goods of interest. The event lasted about 10 hours and involved 30 members of the customs administration, including a four-member patrol of German colleagues. For inspection activities, customs officers had special equipment at their disposal, such as a mobile laboratory, a luggage X-ray, a technological vehicle or a large-capacity mobile X-ray. There were also dog handlers with service dogs specialized in searching for tobacco products and drugs.

Photo: Customs Administration of the Czech Republic

During the event, customs officers seized 50,400 pieces of trading cards (Pokémon and EURO 2024), infringing some intellectual property rights. The value, calculated in the price of original products, reached almost 320 thousand crowns.


Photo: Customs Administration of the Czech Republic

They discovered more than 350 kilograms of food of animal origin, transported in inappropriate conditions. Seafood, poultry and fish stored in cardboard boxes were partially thawed. The case was taken over by the inspectors of the veterinary administration, who defaced all thawed products with dye on the spot and ordered their disposal.


Photo: Customs Administration of the Czech Republic

And in the hand luggage they found 32.36 grams of marijuana and 0.38 grams of methamphetamine, i.e. meth. Customs officers collected 11,400 crowns in fines for unpaid highway tolls. They also collected 12,500 crowns from debtors who had registered arrears for unpaid traffic fines.


Photo: Customs Administration of the Czech Republic

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