PICTURE: Lovosice are among the best four in the country


Lovosice handball players defeated Jičín 35:33 in the quarter-finals of the Czech Cup and advanced to the top four teams. The return of home Jaroslav Trkovský was also a positive.

Reviews after the quarter-finals of the Czech Cup Lovosice – Jičín

| Video: Hunters of Lovosice

“We wanted to spread the load between all the boys and play at pace, I think we succeeded in both. The only ailment I see is 33 goals conceded, which is simply too much, we would like to get it under thirty goals, but we still don’t do it, ” home coach Roman Jelínek evaluated the duel. “Otherwise, the match fulfilled what we wanted and we are happy that in the end we were two goals better and advanced to the semi-finals,” he added.

The North Bohemians have thus completed the Moravian trio of Brno, Karviná and Zubří, the draw for the semi-final duels, which are played at the beginning of December, is scheduled for Monday. Already on Saturday, Lovci will return to the extra-league carousel after the representative break, on the home board they will challenge one of the cup semi-finalists, Zubří, in a repeat of last year’s battle for bronze. The start is in the Chemik hall at 5 p.m.


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