WATCH: The Varnsdorf asylum did not bring happiness, the situation is getting complicated

WATCH: The Varnsdorf asylum did not bring happiness, the situation is getting complicated
WATCH: The Varnsdorf asylum did not bring happiness, the situation is getting complicated

The first division football players of Slovan Liberec surprisingly lost all points against Brno. In the match, which was played in Varnsdorf’s Kotlina, the Liberec women lost 0:1.

Liberec football players lost 0:1 in Varnsdorf Brno.

| Photo: Jiří Laštůvka

The score changed for the first and last time on the main pitch in Varnsdorf in the 57th minute. Lucie Lišková from Brno got the ball, who took advantage of her chance and sent the guests into the lead. The Slovaks tried to turn the game around, they pushed their opponent and even hit the post in the end. However, they failed to score a goal. They thus complicated the fight for fourth place, which guarantees participation in the group for the title.

“It’s difficult for me to evaluate the match, given that we lost. Perhaps due to the course of the last joint measurement, we thought that we would handle the match, both in terms of results and performance. However, the opposite was true. In the first half, we created enough cross balls from both sides, but unfortunately we were not very aggressive and hungry to score a goal. We didn’t find the right space to finish and we didn’t choose the right way to finish. There were too many unforced errors in the transition phase. After one of the few situations when the opponent kicked the ball, extended it with a header and ran behind the defense, we were able to collect on the contrary. In the second half, we did not learn from this situation, and in another similar action, only led on the ground, we already conceded a goal. The arrival of the substitute players revived the game, but we could not get a goal out of it. At the end of the game, we pushed the opponent, but even greater emphasis in the opponent’s goal did not bring the desired goal. In the last seconds of the match, we even hit the crossbar, but that was all in this match,” commented Jaroslav Dittrich, a disappointed assistant coach of the Liberec women’s soccer players.

Slovan Liberec – Lokomotiv Brno H. Heršpice 0:1 (0:0)

Goal: 57. Lišková. Referees: K. Petrželková – T. Hessová, M. Marušinová. Spectators: 76.

Liberec: Vaníčková – Černá V. (C), Šušolová, Sováková, Huvarová – Kantarská (63. Brázdová), Tenkrátová (86. Košťálová), Buryánová, Harvilová (63. Ducháčková) – Černá T., Dinh Thanhová (39. Hlouchová ).

First league table: 1. Slavia Prague 27, 2. Sparta Prague 22, 3. 1. FC Slovácko 19, 4. Slovan Liberec 13, 5. Viktoria Plzeň 12, 6. Brno 9, 7. Baník Ostrava 4, 8. Pardubice 0.

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