Constitution of the YES movement, one in Pilsen, politicians meet with citizens and mayors


According to the spokesman of the ANO movement, Martin Vodika, the following morning, after traveling to Pilsen, the politicians inspected the main tunnel, which is undergoing extensive reconstruction.

This is the largest building in the Czech Republic. The reconstruction of the internal building was started in 2021 and should be operational in the fifth year. It will cost almost 800 million crowns, and we are proud that it is one of those buildings that was included among the 70 projects of the reconstruction of railway administrative buildings in R, which we implemented in the framework of the government, said Mayor of the Parliament Karel at a press conference Havlek.

According to Pip, a new transport company’s depot was recently opened in Pilsen. Thus, it was a project that our government should have contributed to, at least in the form of financing from European sources.

At the entrance meeting of the ANO movement, the summer in Linch, where the Volkswagen car company was considering the construction of a gigafactory, was discussed. In the end, the project will not be implemented at this time.

This government made a complete mistake. The project was megalomaniac, it had many questions, and the government decided to support this project, which was built on water, with a few units, or even small plates with billions of crowns. As a result of one of these governments, we unfortunately lost our pensions, because we invested a lot of funds here first for the project in Lnch. If it had been discussed in parallel with other potential investors in the regions that we had prepared (in the Steck region), we might have had a project today that would have been included among other European countries that will make a business card for the automotive industry. That’s all we drank for, thought Havlek.

Alena Schillerov, a member of the ANO parliamentary club, went to the newly approved tax package. The impacts on households are notoriously significant, the impacts on industry are highly significant. At the entrance meetings, we will discuss how it will affect the budget of municipalities and cities. The development of our region will slow down. While the trend of the world’s female economies is to support the development of regions so that young people do not leave them, the republic under the leadership of the Viola government is moving in the right direction, Schillerov said.

She calculated that the impact of the tax package on Plzeň in the fifth year will be 115 million crowns. In 2025, even 200 million crowns. These are irreplaceable failures that will have an impact on the quality of life of the Pilsen people, according to the members of the ANO parliamentary club.

After the press conference, the politicians will go to the ekovka Cultural House in Slovany, where they will first meet the mayors, mayors and councilors, and then the citizens. The discussion will start at 4:30 p.m.

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