There is a lot of interest in exchanging driver’s licenses in Prague. The municipality will extend the working days


Until the end of this year, more than thirty thousand Prague residents have to exchange their driver’s licenses. Most often, these are drivers over 60 years old. Due to the great interest and the running time, the Prague driver’s register has decided to extend the office hours by two Saturdays, and the first one will be this week, November 11.

According to information from the Ministry of Transport, a total of 875,000 people were affected by the exchange of driver’s licenses this year, almost a quarter of a million remain, and more than 30,000 of them are in Prague. The Ministry and the City Hall of the Capital City of Prague advise people not to delay the exchange in order to avoid the pre-Christmas rush at the authorities.

It is possible to apply for a new card at any of the 206 municipal authorities with extended jurisdiction in the Czech Republic, the exchange is not linked to permanent residence.

Due to the high number of applicants for the replacement of driver’s license, the register of drivers of the Magistrate’s Office city ​​of Prague to extend its office hours to two Saturdays, November 11 and 25, from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. However, these two days are intended exclusively for the submission of an application for the issuance of a pass or the issuance of an already produced one.

You can also apply for a replacement driver’s license electronically.Source: Radim Šlezingr

Those interested can also use the electronic application through the Citizen’s Portal. From November 3, it is not necessary to have a data box set up to send a request on the Transport Portal. All you have to do is log in to the Transport Portal and submit your driver’s license application.

“We cater to those interested in exchanging driver’s licenses, of which there is a really large number and there is no capacity to serve them during the current office hours. We have therefore offered them two additional Saturdays when they can deal with the matter. However, we prefer to process the exchange online. I would also like to thank all the employees who will go to work on Saturday beyond their working hours,” says Martin Kubelka, director of the City Hall. city ​​of Prague.

Driving license

Driver’s license replacement: apply for it electronically, also without a data box

Using the Citizen’s Portal, it is also possible to make an appointment for a standard office day or check the occupancy of individual workplaces and counters.

As of September 30, Prague had already issued 81,364 permits, but only 20% of them were resolved by applying online.


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