The driver gave priority to the girl, she was killed by the driver in the other lane


“The driver was driving along Velké Novosady Street in the left lane of the four-lane road in the direction of Tržní Street. She was driving a Seat vehicle with a vehicle intended for transporting animals,” police spokeswoman Miluše Zajícová told Novinka on Thursday.

“Before the turn onto the Protifašistky vyjáčky embankment, a pedestrian collided with the right side of a transport truck,” added Zajícová.

The collision occurred when the young woman was crossing in a crosswalk, but not a traditional crosswalk, according to the spokeswoman.

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“The pedestrian entered the left lane from behind the truck, which was standing in the right lane, when the driver stopped and gave way to the young woman,” stated Zajícová.

“After contact with the trailer, the pedestrian was pushed into the right lane, where she remained lying on the road. She succumbed to her injuries on the spot, despite all the efforts of the rescuers,” she added.

Photo: Police of the Czech Republic

Car with trailer

The driver apparently missed that there was contact with a pedestrian and continued driving on the D1 highway in the direction of Ostrava, where she was stopped and detained by a police patrol. Her breath test was negative and there was no material damage.

“In connection with the accident, criminal proceedings have been initiated on suspicion of the criminal offense of manslaughter by negligence and the criminal offense of failure to render assistance by the driver of a vehicle, which, according to the Criminal Code, is punishable by imprisonment from two to eight years,” said the spokeswoman.

In relation to the accident, the police are asking any witnesses who could provide any information about the circumstances of the event to contact them.

“In the same way, we also appeal to drivers who passed by the scene of the accident and could have the entire event captured on camera to provide it to us and thus help us with proper clarification of the traffic accident,” added Zajícová.

Witnesses can register via phone numbers: 974 778 458, 974 778 324 or 725 979 808.

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