The motorcyclist was apparently pushed off the road, the police are looking for witnesses



Traffic police are looking for witnesses to the traffic accident near Havlovice

The police are looking for witnesses to the traffic accident that happened on Saturday, October 21, before half past four in the afternoon on road No. I/26 near Havlovice, which is a village, part of the town of Domažlice, located about three kilometers west of Domažlice.

“The driver of a Volkswagen passenger car was driving in the direction of travel from the village of Havlovice to the intersection with road No. I/26. On a straight section, he began to overtake another vehicle at the time when he was overtaken by a Kawasaki motorcycle. There was a side collision between the VW vehicle and the motorcycle, after which the motorcycle driver crashed into the stand of a vertical traffic sign and further into a tree,” the police spokeswoman described the accident to us, saying that the injured motorcyclist ended up in a field.

In this accident, all emergency services intervened and the paramedics transported the seriously injured 45-year-old motorcyclist from the scene to the Emergency of the Pilsen University Hospital.

Traffic police officers are asking witnesses who could provide information leading to a proper investigation of the accident to come to the Traffic Inspectorate in Domažlice in person or to call 974 331 259 or the free emergency line 158.


Photo: HZS

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