A large solar park is soon to be built in Chbany. There will be an educational trail next to it


“The photovoltaic power plant will consist of two separately fenced areas,” outlined the project manager of the investment company Jiří Martinák. “Constructions for photovoltaic panels, kiosk substations and other material will be placed on the plots. The construction also includes service roads, the construction of a substation and educational trails,” he added in the announcement for the environmental impact assessment.

The power plant is to be assembled from 91,665 pieces of panels made of steel and aluminum parts with an output of 600 watts. The current coming from solar radiation will be supplied to the distribution system of the energy company ČEZ. The investor chose the site in Chbany with regard to its potential for the production of electricity from renewable sources. “Another reason was the possibility of connecting to the transport and technical infrastructure,” pointed out Martinák.

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One part of the solar park is to be located on an area that was used as a gravel-sand warehouse and is currently being reclaimed. The second on agricultural land. However, it is of lower quality and is only in the fourth protection class.

Solar panels? The main thing is that it is not built on a green field

The management of Chban has no reservations about the plan. “In principle, we have nothing against it, resource restorers have the green light, it’s a trend in Europe,” said Mayor Jiří Hoření. “For us, it is authoritative that it will be created on reclaimed areas, which is better than building them on green fields,” he added.

Construction of the solar power plant could start as early as next year or the year after. It will only take five months at most. The panels will then remain in place for thirty years.

The semi-state energy group ČEZ also wants to invest in solar power plants in the north of Bohemia. The giant photovoltaic power plant is planned, for example, at the site of the reclaimed landfill of Dolů Nástup Tušimice and the ash storage between the Prunéřov and Tušimice power plants. Its installed power should reach up to fifty megawatts. Obsadit has two separate fields with a total area of ​​60 hectares, where 109,000 solar panels are expected to be installed. Construction is scheduled to begin next year.

A view of part of the wind park near Rusová in the Ore Mountains, which is part of the village of Kryštofovy Hamry. Archive photo

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Still larger solar project is preparing in Hrušovany in Chomutovska, where the photovoltaic power plant should reach a power of over 100 megawatts.

The largest ever solar power plant in the Czech Republic is planned in the former Ralsko military area in Českolipsk in the Liberec region. The installed power should reach 10 megawatts in the maximum version.

In the territory of six regions of the Czech Republic, solar power plants of ČEZ with a total output of 126 megawatts are currently converting the energy of solar radiation into ecological electricity. Last year, they produced more than 136,000 megawatt-hours, which represents a year-on-year increase of 12 percent.

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Source: Diary/Miroslava Šebestová


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