Self-igniting phosphorus endangered lives. Three people on trial for concealing the danger of a woman

Self-igniting phosphorus endangered lives. Three people on trial for concealing the danger of a woman
Self-igniting phosphorus endangered lives. Three people on trial for concealing the danger of a woman

According to the packaging, waste managers of the Ekotermex company, Rudolf Maznek and Jan Chovanec, in the past treated waste from the Beclav company Fosfa with sludge, which contained 67 percent of phosphorus and contained dangerous elements, such as radium, lead or arsenic.

Although they boast that they have many years of experience in the disposal of hazardous waste and present themselves as a company with social responsibility, Chovanec ordered the disposal of this waste at the waste company AVE. He told his employees, who took him to the landfill to Slava, that the waste was completely safe.

When the workers then dumped the container in a landfill, the waste caught fire and a fire broke out. This is how white phosphorus reacts first when in contact with air. Phosphorene oxide was released into the air for eight minutes, explained deputy Robert Hanu. The change of clothes would cause me to be scratched and damaged, and all the employees and the people who happened to be in the vicinity were also endangered.

According to the packaging, a similar event was repeated later. At the end of March 2020, Maznek ordered the removal of sludge with phosphorus, which he again issued for free. This time, however, AVE was outbid by a competitor in the form of Suez.

In his compound, while handling barrels with dangerous substances, one of them fell from a forklift truck, opened, the substances began to leak, just like in a landfill, and a fire broke out. During the next fire, the water used was contaminated with substances in such a way that it had poison and toxic elements. Again, according to the packaging, the employees and people walking around were in danger.

Along with Maznek and Chovanec, according to the hundredth descent, Petr Jaro from the company Stephane Corp, which is now in liquidation, also succumbed to the risky transports and storage of white phosphorus. Petr Jaro was aware of the cause and the danger of this waste, as he had two wrapped up, noted the centurion.

A total of 210 barrels with 19 tons of this hazardous material were collected from Chovanc and Mazenko, which he stored in Rajhrad in Brno, even though there were no suitable premises prepared and approved for it. Even here, people living in the vicinity were in danger. There are also buses and trains nearby, as well as a garden bicycle center.

It wasn’t the first time such a thing had happened to Jaro. According to the packaging, the two stored hazardous waste in places that are not cleaned for them. According to the statistical rate, it would be necessary to spend approximately 1.8 million crowns to eliminate those threatened by these species.

Not one of the three suspects wanted to testify during the day. According to the terms of their circulation, try to conclude a plea agreement, in other words, plead guilty.

The rest is to reduce their punishment. As the judge Dita epkov indicated, he doesn’t have to go to prison and for two years, which according to the criminal code they are threatened, but they can leave easily only with a condition. If the accused agrees on the form of punishment with the deceased, I will not interfere in the agreement in any way, she added and postponed one for December 19.

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