After 58 years, the Zora chocolate factory will end the production of rum pralines

After 58 years, the Zora chocolate factory will end the production of rum pralines
After 58 years, the Zora chocolate factory will end the production of rum pralines

“We are adding new products to our product range, which we believe will meet the expectations, high demands and preferences of consumers. On the contrary, we are forced to remove products whose popularity among customers is declining, which was also the case with rum pralines for a long time,” said Skrbková. “We believe that consumers will find their way to our other products, the popularity of which is on the contrary increasing significantly among a wide range of consumers, also thanks to a number of novelties and new flavors,” the spokeswoman added.

The Zora plant in Olomouc annually produces more than 33,000 tons of chocolate confectionery, of which 11,000 tons are Orion chocolate bars and 4,100 tons of products are Margot bars. The Olomouc enterprise produces 3,200 tons of Student Seal chocolates. In addition to finished products, the plant prepares another 14,000 tons of chocolate mass.

The origins of the Zora chocolate factory date back to the end of the 19th century. The manufacturers started production in 1899 in the historic center of Olomouc. In 1910, the factory was moved to a larger production hall near the main station, where it is still located today. More than half of all products produced at the Zora plant are exported abroad every year, under various brands they are sold in, for example, Britain, France, Spain, Saudi Arabia or Kuwait. The Olomouc enterprise employs seven hundred workers.

Nestlé Česko’s portfolio includes, for example, the brands Orion, Margot, Kofila and Bon Pari. Last year, the company’s profit fell by 45 percent compared to 2021 to 309 million crowns. Sales increased by 13.1 percent to 14.1 billion crowns. In the Czech Republic, in its Zora Olomouc and Sfinx factories, it produced confectionery for six billion crowns. Last year, the company also expanded its plant in Krupka, where it produces chilled vegetarian and vegan dishes. Nestlé employed an average of 1,841 people in the Czech Republic last year. Nestlé is the largest food company in the world, doing business in 189 countries.

VIDEO: How chocolate is made in Zora

How chocolate is made in ZoraVIDEO Barbora Pánková

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