Support for Czech sport from Slovakia! From tears to falling in love, it depicts the only girl among twenty testosterones


She was born in Stockholm, while her father has Swedish roots, until the age of three she lived in Scandinavia. After her parents’ divorce, she and her mother moved to Slovakia, where she devoted herself to dancing for nine years. Then she was captivated by football, specifically the goalkeeper position. And she made it to the national team.

“It’s just that I was too self-confident, I did tricks even in the 16th round and even though I never got a goal from them, the coach didn’t like it and stopped inviting me to the national team,” she says. She suddenly lost the motivation to work on herself as a soccer player.

Slovakia was just looking for a brakeman with whom the pilot could go around the European Cup races. And in the reception of the fitness center where Tajcnárová earned extra money, a former bobsledder approached her with this unusual offer. The young girl was not afraid of the challenge and set off for Latvia on one of the toughest European tracks.

What about the fact that with 50 kilograms (ideal is around 77 kg) she didn’t even resemble a bob girl. “After the first ride, I cried because I didn’t want to do this. I wasn’t used to speed, heavy traffic, and I hit my head because I didn’t even know how to hold on,” she explained.

“But I was far from home, everything was paid for, so I overcame myself,” she recalls. Gradually, she took a liking to adrenaline, and the turning point came when she sat down in a bobsled for the first time as a pilot. “It’s a completely different feeling that I fell in love with,” she admits. In addition, the vision of starting at the Olympics in Cortina (although the bobsled competitions will probably be in another country) ignited another passion in her.

Photo: Michal Krumphanzl, CTK

Patricia Tajcnarová at a meeting with pilots of the Czech bobsled team

But she did not choose a cheap sport and she did not receive support in Slovakia. “Issuance of a pilot’s license was conditioned by the union on the purchase of my own bean, and when I bought it, I had to sign a paper renouncing all support from the union,” she describes.

The furnished monobob, in which the women race, cost 39,000 euros, i.e. an amount approaching a million crowns… “Mom made a big sacrifice, she took out a loan, otherwise I wouldn’t even be able to start the season,” she says. “In addition, the guys from the Czech team helped me on every trip, I felt more support there than from the Slovak association,” she admits.

And so it became increasingly clear that she would no longer be able to play her favorite sport in Slovak colors. What about native Sweden? “It was an option, but there is no base, they only have sledders and skeletonists,” he recounts. On the contrary, the number of bobsledders is growing in the Czech Republic, and Tajcnárová’s grandmother is also from here. “I’ve been to Prague often since I was a child, my brother is still studying here,” she explains.

Not everyone took her step with understanding. “You had good results thanks to Slovakia, don’t come back, we don’t want you here,” she read on social networks. “I was afraid of the reactions, but they rather patted me on the back that I had done well and that they understood me. Even on social networks, 95 percent of the comments were positive, but I reacted to the negative ones just for fun,” she describes.

And so she joined a large and purely male Czech group. “The boys are golden,” he praises. “Of course, sometimes it’s not easy when I’m the only girl among twenty testosterons, but they help me a lot,” she laughs.

Photo: Michal Krumphanzl, CTK

Patrícia Tajcnárová among Czech pilots, from left Adam Dobeš, Dominik Dvořák, Matěj Běhounek and Jáchym Procházka.

After all, male strength is only useful when carrying a bob. “I always try to smile at everyone around me to help me, you need to have good relationships,” he says with a smile.

The Czech Republic does not currently have a place in the World Cup, so it will start in the European Cup with the peak of the season at the World Junior Championship (for bobsledders, this category is up to 26 years old). Both in the monobob and in the double bob, where he has two hurdlers at his disposal, including the former national hurdler Lucie Čuda Koudelová.

And fans will follow moments not only from her racing life on social networks, but Tajcnárová has over 27,000 followers on TikTok, for example.

“I started networking to get sponsors. The only thing that helped me was when I got free bars, cans of Red Bull or some clothes. In addition, I studied sports management in high school, and it’s also fun when I can describe our sport to people, where and how it’s practiced,” she describes how her popularity gradually grew.

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