The Czech Republic is on the rise, so far this year, plug-in cars have a share of 5.42%!


According to the latest statistics on new car registrations in the Czech Republic, the share of electric cars and plug-in hybrids for January-October is 5.42%.

The most registered brand in the number of new personal battery electric cars in the Czech Republic this year for the period January to October so far Škoda Auto (1,242), which surpassed the American brand Tesla (1,240) by two pieces. It follows from the SDA data.

graph: Net traffic

During the mentioned period, 10,123 new passenger electric cars were already registered in the Czech Republic (5,363 electric cars, 4,745 plug-in hybrids and 15 hydrogen cars). Thanks to this, the market share of plug-in cars reached 5.42%of which pure electric cars have 2.87%, plug-in hybrids 2.54% and hydrogen cars 0.01%.

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This year, the Czech Republic finally has a chance to break out of the last rungs of the car sales charts in terms of the share of cars in the outlet. For comparison, a total of 3,892 electric cars were sold in the Czech Republic in 2022. Last year, the share of newly registered battery electric cars in total sales exceeded two percent for the first time. He has a chance to conquer three this year.

source: Čistá, Association of Automobile Importers


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