Get rid of the Green Deal ideology. Banks and large companies have formed a green alliance

Get rid of the Green Deal ideology. Banks and large companies have formed a green alliance
Get rid of the Green Deal ideology. Banks and large companies have formed a green alliance

One of the goals of this alliance is to remove ideology from the Green Deal. In its complexity, it focuses on industry and all areas of society. We would like to contribute to the fact that the discussion about it is technical and as little affected by ideology as possible, said Jan Juchelka, general editor of Komern banka and the newly appointed president of the commission-free association. He just remembered that, as a strong industrial country, Czech Republic is one of the biggest environmental destroyers in Europe.

For the Chamber of Banks, but also for the National Development Bank, according to Juchelka, its importance should increase in the effort to transform the domestic industry, it represents the changing economy and the complexity of how to provide sufficient capital to the industry.

The alliance should also be a platform where representatives of banks and industry will be able to meet and help each other with their decarbonization goals, said EZ general editor Daniel Bene. According to him, the future of European and Czech energy must meet these basic points. That is, to have a secure source of energy, it must be available at acceptable price conditions, and this entire system must be sustainable in the long term. The largest domestic energy company itself plans to be emission neutral by 2040.

According to the editor of Moneta Money Bank, Tom Spurnho, a commission-free future can also be seen as a risk in the form of loose regulations. He considers the path of volunteering based on his own moral values ​​to be better. The main potential is in the change of people aware of the fact that the green transformation will take them a diesel or gasoline car, of what we are doing for our children and future generations. It’s something we all have to write about and hopefully the rest of the world will follow suit, Spurn said.

According to Viktor Hanzlek from McKinsey & Company, the move to an emission-neutral economy will cost six and a half trillion dollars worldwide. We know that this is the first chapter reallocation in djinch and there are many types of industry that will have to slow down their activity. On the other hand, it is also a problem for the Czech industry, said the partner of the international consulting company.

According to Jan Brzda from the consulting company PwC, the prevailing rejection of green work has clearly negative effects in the field of industry. According to him, the lack of green electricity or support for electric mobility are the reasons why some foreign investors have recently avoided investing in the country.

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