We agree with the strike, says Prague schools. Principals will inform parents in a timely manner


Prague elementary schools sympathize with the strike

In the open letter of the Teachers’ Platform association, which was addressed to the president, the government, parliamentarians, senators and parents, it is stated that directors and teachers of Czech schools billions of crowns will be missing next year.

“We understand the current economic situation well, but save it is extremely myopic on children’s education and it will backfire on us greatly in the future. We believe that in recent years schools have managed extreme situations (covid, war refugees, mental health support for children and employees) and have always tried to deal with them energetically and with the aim of managing them. However, the planned insufficient education budget for next year forces us to speak out loud,” the letter reads.

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The primary schools in the capital, contacted by Deník, also stated that they have nothing against the strike. On the contrary, they basically support her. “I agree with the text of the Teacher’s Platform’s Open Letter and I am of the opinion that if there is no immediate response to this letter, we need to go on strike,” Libuše Daňhelková, director of ZŠ Kořenského in Prague 5, said when asked by the Daily. The headmistress already has a notice that part of the school’s employees will join the strike.

Directors are considering closing or limited operations

According to elementary schools, there are several options for how to stand up to the strike. As Director Daňhelková clarified, the options are to close the entire school, including the kindergarten, limited operation of the kindergarten and first grade, or full operation with only minor restrictions.

According to the principal of Ema Destinnová Ota Bažanta, the school will not deal with the strike until next week. However, he himself supports the strike. “We don’t want to take children hostage. We will most likely teach,” he specified.

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Another elementary school would close operations completely. “If the strike were to take place after all, we would close the school – without that it probably has no meaning, or rather sufficient weight,” said the director of ZŠ and Kindergarten Bílá in Prague 6, Josef Vinduška.

The decision will be made next week

Similar information is also available from other primary schools approached. In most cases, however, the management will still discuss the procedure, and that only next week. “Some of our employees are already saying that they sympathize with the strike. The others are waiting to see what will come out of the meeting announced by Mr Minister Bek. We have a pedagogical council on Monday, November 13, and there we will agree on how many people will actually join the strike and how many will not,” said the deputy director of ZŠ Jitřní Jiří Barták, adding that parents will be informed later that day at scheduled class meetings .

Illustrative photo.

The worst capacity situation in kindergartens and elementary schools is in Prague 5, 6, 9 and 10

According to Barták, schools must also inform their founder in the event of a closure. According to Deník, the founders of the schools, i.e. the city districts, are waiting for the decision of the principals. “We will not take any steps until then,” the town hall told Deník.

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