A group of violent women beat up a taxi, the wound under his eye required 13 stitches

A group of violent women beat up a taxi, the wound under his eye required 13 stitches
A group of violent women beat up a taxi, the wound under his eye required 13 stitches

The incident took place on the 28th of January, shortly after half past eleven in the evening. A 22-year-old taxi driver passed Barvská Street in Liberec, where he got into a verbal conflict with his party in front of the BarBar bar because they were moving along the road.

Two of them did not allow him to pass dl. When he called on them to clear the road, they reacted contemptuously and nodded at him for a while without saying a word. In the end, they went to BarBar, and he and his vehicle ended up in Barvsk Street, where Ivana Balkov spoke to the police station.

After a few minutes, however, the same group appeared on the street again. about 25 to 35 years old and one old man estimated to be 50 to 55 years old. The oldest of them had a robust build, white hair, a little thick on the top of the head, with folds on the sides and grown up, well-groomed, and trimmed to the chin. Obleen was a so-called bomber jacket, explains mue Balkov.

According to the police, one of the parties must be the son of the oldest man, because the girl who attacked him earlier, You won’t tell my father to get off the road.

Rny pst in oblieje

The men then beat the taxi driver in the face and head with their fists. He got a headbutt from them. Meanwhile, several other people passed by.

Ran fist wiped at least twelve. He was physically attacked by those of the Lenov party, and he seconded them. He also put him in a bomber jacket in a taxi. After the group got the impression that they had enough taxis, they went back to BarBar and continued talking.

During the flow, the taxi driver suffered, in addition to bruises on his head and in the vicinity, a thorn, a deep wound under his eye, which required several stitches at the ambulance in Liberec.

The police are now asking for the help of a witness. If you saw the incident or if a group of at least five men caught the attention of a group of at least five men on the evening of January 28 in Barvsk Street and BarBar in Liberec, their behavior was recorded by a security camera, please contact us on line 158 or via the service district police department in Krajinsk Street in Liberec . You can also contact colleagues on their landline 974 467 100, Balkov says.

In the case of being caught, the perpetrator is threatened with imprisonment for money laundering. If the victim may develop a health complication, the first qualification should be changed to healthy, after speaking.

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