The Slovak court reinstated the police vice president, who was deposed by the new minister


Kišš had the status of a protected whistleblower, and the lawyers pointed out that this status was supposed to protect him from appeals. “The City Court of Bratislava IV fully complied with our proposal and returned Branko Kišš to his original position of 1st Vice President of the Police Force,” said Kubina.

The legal representative pointed out that this was the first court decision confirming the illegality of the actions of the Minister of the Interior. “This happened nine days after the proposal was submitted. We are waiting for the next six decisions,” added Kubina.

Post-election purges

Šutaj Eštok issued an organizational measure by which he abolished the functions of police vice-presidents from November 1. Immediately after taking office, the new minister dismissed police chief Štefan Hamran and suspended six investigators from the National Criminal Agency (NAKA). He also changed the director of the police inspectorate, which investigates police officers and supervises their activities.

Police Vice President Kišš and six NAKA investigators have been granted protected whistleblower status since October, so according to lawyers, the minister had no right to put them off duty without the consent of the Office for the Protection of Whistleblowers.

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Fico praised the new interior minister for the police purge

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