The care allowance is often not enough: Look at what the government promises, what the opposition wants


At Wednesday’s meeting, the government rejected the ANO movement’s proposal to increase the care allowance. He is preparing his own. But the opposition lawmakers are insisting on their point. According to them, the situation is critical.

People who are partially or completely dependent on the help of others should take more money from about the middle of next year.

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People who are partially or completely dependent on the help of others are to receive more money from around the middle of next year. The Minister of Labor and Social Affairs promised it Marian Jurečka (KDU-ČSL). “Within a week or two, we will agree on the exact form of the proposal in the coalition,” he said. He was reacting to the fact that the government rejected the YES movement’s proposal to increase the allowance for care at all levels of dependency.

Opposition MPs emphasize that for the last valorization of all levels of contribution to roast it happened already in 2016, while two years later only the allowance for people with severe and complete addiction was increased. Today, a person can receive a maximum of 19,200 crowns per month. Therefore, they propose to increase the contribution by about ten percent. They only want to raise the amounts for adults in lower levels of dependency.

The calculated amounts are based on the proposal of the National Council of Persons with Disabilities. “Increasing prices worsens availability for clients social services. Increasing the amount of the care allowance is thus the only viable solution to restore the availability of social services to at least the level of 2016,” reasoned the chairman of the council, Václav Krása, in May of this year.

Critical situation

According to the chairman of the parliamentary club, YES Alena Schillerová it is essential that the care allowance be increased. He believes there is a match. “We will be watching this very closely. The situation of the beneficiaries is already really critical due to inflation, and the correction cannot be postponed even for a month. I am afraid that the five-coalition government is playing for time, which I consider reprehensible,” she told Denik.

Why did the government reject the opposition’s proposal regarding the care allowance?

The government rejected the increase in the care allowance. We are counting on him next year, Jurečka said

Despite the negative opinion of the government, the deputies will decide on the proposal. The care allowance serves people who are dependent to varying degrees on the help of others in order to be able to pay for the necessary care. Members of the opposition SPD came up with its increase for children and adults with mild and moderate addiction the year before last. Even their proposal is still in the House.

The regional branch decides on the entitlement to the contribution Labor Office of the Czech Republic, which also pays it. For officials, a doctor’s opinion is crucial. It evaluates how mobile a person is, how he orients himself, how he communicates, how he can manage or not manage eating, dressing and putting on shoes, body hygiene, the performance of physiological needs, health care and how active he is. For adults, also how they manage household care.

Fifth degree

The daily has repeatedly pointed out that approximately eight to ten thousand people are not receiving even the highest possible allowance. This covers only about five hours of care per day, while some people – according to the findings of the generally beneficial company Asistence – need it for up to twelve hours.

A dignified life? State aid to the disabled is not enough, they are seeking the fifth level of allowance

People with disabilities and those who work with them therefore advocate the introduction of the fifth stage, where the amount would be individualized according to specific needs. That’s how it works in Slovakia or Sweden, for example. “If people have sufficient support, the quality of their lives increases fundamentally,” said Director of Assistance Erik Čipera.

Ministry officials are considering the fifth stage. At the same time, they plan to introduce a new social benefit, which would be a supplement to the care allowance. “This would be paid where the current amount does not cover the costs associated with caring for a person with a disability,” a spokesperson told Deník Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Jakub Augusta.

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