The droppings were also among the dishes. The inspectors closed the kitchen of the restaurant in Pardubice


Another restaurant in Pardubice did not pass the inspection of inspectors from the State Agricultural and Food Inspection. She significantly neglected cleaning the kitchen and storage. There was rodent droppings and other debris.

From the inspection of the restaurant in Litětiny 71.

| Photo: Food on a pillion

Inspectors from the State Agricultural and Food Inspection closed the kitchen and warehouse of the restaurant at 71 Litětiny, in the Dolní Rovná part of Pardubice, on Wednesday, November 8. The plant as a whole was not closed.

According to the Loot Food website, there were rodent droppings and other traces of rodent activity in the kitchen and warehouse, but not only that. “Significantly neglected cleaning, dirty kitchen and work utensils, dirt on the floor, on the shelves, on the equipment,” the inspectors further list. You can assess the condition yourself on the attached photos.

This is not an isolated case in Pardubice. For example, in October, due to the presence of rodents and their droppings, the inspection temporarily closed the pub U Toulavé pípy on Bělobranské náměstí in Pardubice.

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PHOTO: Dead rodents and droppings. Inspectors closed the pub in Pardubice

A few days later, the Pardubice Lidl in Ke Špitálce Street also experienced a similar incident.

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Source: YouTube Lucie Šárovcová


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