VIDEO: The driver crashed into everything in Tisza. He inhaled over three per thousand


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A reckless driver who caused several accidents at a gas station in Tisé in Ústeck is responsible for the trouble. Not only did he run away from the scene, but after being detained by the Chlumec police, he breathed 3.3 parts per million of alcohol in his blood. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

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A reckless driver who caused several accidents at the gas station in Tisé near Ústí nad Labem is responsible for the trouble.

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The forty-nine-year-old driver was unable to drive his BMW car out of the gas station, he crashed into a parked car, a pillar or a curb with grass. The Chlumecki police managed to find the driver in a short time, he was just entering the gate of his house. During a breathalyzer test, a visibly disoriented man breathed in 3.3 parts per million of alcohol in his blood.

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“With his actions, he caused damage of around 403 thousand crowns. He is currently suspected of the crime of Endangering under the influence of a drug. If proven guilty before a court, the suspect faces a prison sentence of up to three years, a fine or a ban on activity,” said Veronika Hyšplerová, spokeswoman for the Ústí Region Police.

You can watch the video of the intervention of the Chlumec police below:

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Source: MP Ústí n. L.

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