Sweden – Czech Republic 2:5. Ride to the introduction! A famous start, even the debutant hit

Sweden – Czech Republic 2:5. Ride to the introduction! A famous start, even the debutant hit
Sweden – Czech Republic 2:5. Ride to the introduction! A famous start, even the debutant hit

The second match of the tournament awaits the Czech team on Saturday in Tampere, where they will play Finland.

Home team Frödén created a promising chance right at the start, but goalkeeper Málek intervened and his teammates subsequently dominated the first part of the game. After only 102 seconds, Lenc opened the scoring, finishing Tomášek’s action. Another goal could have been added by Voženílek, but it was not until his second substitution in the match that the third Czech attack came through. Lenc and Tomášek just switched roles.

After a while, the Swedes recovered from a bad start, but in the 11th minute, Lindbom, who was playing for the senior national team for the first time, scored the third goal. Flek surpassed him in the signaled numerical advantage. When, in the 16th minute, Sedlák broke through with a quick shot, the match was over for Lindbom. He was replaced by another debutant, Söderström.

At the beginning of the second period, the Northerners survived the initial weakening without any problems and subsequently created a lot of pressure. Málek resisted for a long time, but in the 29th minute he was shot by a Heed defender.

However, the Czech team was able to break free from the grip of the opponent, and Tomášk’s attack in particular was dangerous. In the middle of the match, one of the three rookies in Rulík’s selection, Kubík, took care of the fifth goal: he used Kodýtek’s excellent forechecking and beat Söderström with a shot under the crossbar.

In the 39th minute, Sedlák was close to his second goal when he got the puck behind the Swedish goalkeeper, but the home players managed to stop him in time. In the third part, Špaček, who started with the captain’s “crest” on his shirt, could increase the Czech lead, but Söderström was ready.

Just like Málek on the other side, who saved a chance in front of the goal of a completely free Ejdsell. The Färjestad striker finally got the goal, in the 49th minute he made a quick stop. Málek then scored several more good saves and the Czechs started the season with a highlight in the form of the World Championship in Prague with a valuable win.


Homemade: 28:26. Heed, 48:58. Ejdsell

Guests: 01:42. Lenz, 04:28. Tomášek, 10:42. Flek, 15:16. Peasant, 30:41. Cube


Homemade: Lindbom (16. Söderström) – Heed, Fantenberg, Persson, Dahlström, Granberg, Alsing, Hansson – Frödén, Lindberg, Dahlén – Petersson, Kempe, Ejdsell – Sylvegård, Rasmussen, Nygärd – Friberg, Johansson (C), Bengtsson – Eklind.

Guests: Málek (Pavlát) – Zámorský (A), Pyrochta, Košťálek, Dvořák, Zábranský, Mašín, Jandus, Galvas – Stránský, Špaček (C), Voženílek – Řepík, Sedlák (A), Kovařčík – Kousal, Tomášek, Lenc – Flek, Kodýtek, Kubík – Jašek.


Brander (FIN), Hurlimann (SUI)


VIDA Arena, Växjö (SWE)

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