Olomouc has its own housing policy, more specific auctions and different types of subsidized housing

Olomouc has its own housing policy, more specific auctions and different types of subsidized housing
Olomouc has its own housing policy, more specific auctions and different types of subsidized housing

The current rules for the provision of small housing do not reflect the current needs of the city from the point of view of modernization, acquisition and development of the housing stock or from the point of view of housing supply for people with limited access to the housing market, said Deputy Mayor Kateina Dobrozemsk, who is in charge of social and housing policy.

The city council approved the division of the housing fund into apartments purchased by the city council in the form of an auction of small and subsidized housing for various groups of citizens. These will be apartments for the elderly, the disabled, affordable housing for young families, social apartments and service apartments.

Vt ance to buy an apartment

Today, the statutory city of Olomouc has 1,520 apartments, of which 625 are private apartments, 557 are apartments for the elderly, 68 are barrier-free apartments and 26 are social apartments. The rest is made up of housing stock, from which about 40 apartments are released each year. And the first city apartments released after January 1 will be newly divided into the auction regime of low-income or subsidized housing.

Each vacant city apartment will be assessed as to whether it is suitable for a rental auction or to be used for some type of subsidized housing. The quality and attractiveness of the apartment, its location in the house, the social climate of the locality and the current social climate in the house will be taken into account, confirmed the representative of Dobrozemsk. From this, the city leader promises that it will be possible to buy him a city apartment for various groups of citizens and to share it with the city’s housing fund.

Help and advice

The city has also introduced a law on housing support, which will soon come into force, which would start housing support for the disabled and for vulnerable groups of residents.

However, Olomouc has now decided to go the route of supporting all beneficiaries to improve the quality of their housing situation and help them with a related problem.

A housing support department was established at the municipality. From January, Olomouan residents whose housing situation is unsatisfactory will be able to visit the newly established municipal contact center for housing. The staff of the center will provide them with advice and help in housing units, if necessary, they will arrange for the rental of a municipal apartment, explained the representative.

The contact center will collect requests from beneficiaries for various types of subsidized housing in city apartments, will cooperate with social workers when the social situation is examined by the developer, will evaluate the needs of the city apartment and will lead the request of the developer for social housing, as well as the beneficiary for affordable apartments and services apartments. In the activity of the contact point for housing, the connection is available to people in housing need and the current capacities of the housing fund.

Except for the price of him

Existing German city apartments will be affected from January onwards. Standard by twenty percent, in the case of an apartment for seniors and a wheelchair-accessible apartment by ten percent.

The last inspection of his city apartment took place in 2019, and after five years, his apartment is privately owned. At the same time, it is limiting gossip, as the costs of work, services and materials have increased. According to the model input of the department of social affairs at the municipality, German builders who have income should be able to cover the difference between the builder and the new German through the housing allowance.

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