The driver let go of the pedestrian, she was hit by a car in the next lane. She died on the spot

The driver let go of the pedestrian, she was hit by a car in the next lane. She died on the spot
The driver let go of the pedestrian, she was hit by a car in the next lane. She died on the spot

The tragedy occurred at half past two in the afternoon in Velké Novosady Street before the turnoff to the Protifašistických fighters embankment at the so-called crossing point. There, unlike a classic crossing, pedestrians do not have priority, however, once they enter it, drivers must not endanger them.

A 21-year-old pedestrian wanted to cross from the right to the left side and entered the road here after being let go by the driver of a truck driving in the right lane. She then moved from behind the set into the left lane just as a car with an attached animal trailer was passing through it.

“After contact with the cart, the pedestrian was pushed back into the right lane, where she remained lying on the road. Despite all the efforts of the rescuers, she succumbed to her injuries on the spot,” described Přerov police spokeswoman Miluše Zajícová.

“The driver apparently missed the contact with the pedestrian and continued driving on the D1 highway in the direction of Ostrava, where she was stopped and detained by a police patrol,” she added, adding that the breath test ruled out driving under the influence of alcohol.

A senior citizen on a bicycle also died after hitting the van

The police are currently investigating the accident on suspicion of the criminal offenses of manslaughter by negligence and failure to render assistance by the driver of the vehicle, for which the driver could face up to eight years in prison if charged and convicted.

At the same time, they are looking for possible witnesses of the collision from among passers-by or passing drivers who could have captured everything on the dash cam.

“People who could provide us with any information about the circumstances of the event can contact the police directly on the phone numbers 974 778 458 and 974 778 324 or use the service mobile phone 725 979 808,” urged Zajícová.

Wednesday was not the only tragic traffic accident in the region. A 76-year-old cyclist died on the road near Ondřejovice, a local part of Zlatý Hory, who was riding down the hill on an electric bike. But he was driving too fast and while passing through a slight bend, he drove into the opposite direction, where he crashed into an oncoming van.

“Its driver tried to prevent the accident, braked intensively and drove off the road to the right, but the cyclist hit the left front side of the car. Despite immediate first aid, the senior died on the spot,” police spokesman Libor Hejtman summed up.

A pedestrian also died in July in Čelákovice after being hit by a bus (July 26, 2023):

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