moons are evident from prehistoric times, which is a find of European importance, many archaeologists

moons are evident from prehistoric times, which is a find of European importance, many archaeologists
moons are evident from prehistoric times, which is a find of European importance, many archaeologists

Each log is about 11 meters long, weighing in at about 25 tons. According to the archaeologist Radomr Tichho, the organizer of several Monoxylon expeditions, the hollows bear traces of stone tools that were used in the Neolithic and Eneolithic.

The cuts and the working log indicate that it could be the use of dies. It doesn’t look like tools were used to work these kinds of metals. I would rule out prod influences for sure. From what we know now, it could be dated to around 5500 and 2000 BC. If this is confirmed, it will be a finding of European importance. The finds of monoxyl semi-finished products are unusual in Europe, said archaeologist and editor of the Vestary Prehistoric Archeopark Radomr Tich.

Monoxyl was at the origin of all five vessels, which were produced by experimental archaeologists, and the moons gradually used them during sea voyages. When making some of them, they also used replicas of Neolithic stone tools and recorded the progress of the wood.

In addition, in the Vestry archeological park, a few years ago, he conducted an experiment related to Neolithic stone ground drill tools. They thus gained practical knowledge about the production and use of this tool and saw how the stone tools worked by the devo looked.

Maybe it’s the oaks

There is a view among scientists that the trunks found are oaks. They were discovered in a narrow vicinity at a depth of about two meters below the level of the terrain in Trkopsk, in the deposits of the river flow today.

There was no archaeological material around to help date the find, so we can’t get hold of it. Considering the circumstances and the depth where the trunks were found, it is unlikely to be new, said Radek Blha, an archaeologist at the Museum of Ancient Echoes in Hradec Krlov.

It will be determined according to him and after the sample is taken, the results will be available at the beginning of 2024 at the latest.

The building is located between Zborovská Street and the Hradeck Hospital campus. It is in cities where, until the recent past, there were riverbeds that often changed. It is the area below the daily confluence of the Elbe and Orlice. Regulation under the confluence took place at the turn of the 20th century, said Blha.

One trunk, which has a circumference of three meters, is processed by mn. Both have a diameter of one to 1.5 meters.

Two forms of monoxyl

One trunk is intact in its entire circumference, but in several places there are cuts roughly half way through it, as if someone had started working there and was about to stamp out the old mass. The type of trunk captures the phase when it is cut off to about half of its diameter, half of its diameter is gone, in this case it is a moon, said Blha.

According to scientists, it could be two phases of monoxyl production, or the removal of mass from the interior of the future moon. Monoxyl semi-finished products are only one of the options we work with. We are being investigated for the arrest itself, so we have more questions than answers, said Blha.

Two finds of complete monoxyl are known from the Krlovroč region, one was discovered in the 20s of the 20th century during the regulation of the river Orlice on the edge of Hradec Krlov in the Trkopsk strata, and the other in the deposits of the Elbe near Jarome. They still don’t know who they are.

If our hypothesis were to be confirmed that they are monoxyl semi-finished products, we would find a series from the beginning of work to the final product. If it were confirmed that they are monoxyl semi-finished products, it would be a finding of European importance, confirmed Blha.

Monoxyls were used on the territory of the Czech Republic from prehistoric times until the 19th century, in modern times as a simple fishing lure. How many perfect monoxyls can be found in R?

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