The checkers tournament in Chomutov ended with an exciting final

The checkers tournament in Chomutov ended with an exciting final
The checkers tournament in Chomutov ended with an exciting final

A house in Chomutov hosted an epic match between schools in tic-tac-toe. The miners fought with the Jogis and the result was unexpected.

The tournament got off to a slow start. In the first match, the teams Horníci Chomutov A and Horníci Chomutov B from the same year and Jogísci 1 and Jogísci 2 were pitted against each other. Horníci A won over Hornící B 8:4, Jogísci 1 won over Jogísky 2 8:4. All the teams had a very balanced fight.

However, a real turnaround came only with the second round, when the Údlice team joined the fight. Jogísci 2 crushed Údlice 10:2 and Horníci Chomutov A beat Jogísci 1 with a result of 10:2. The air began to thicken in the room and suddenly the tournament was not so balanced anymore. The teams started nudging each other a bit.

In the third round, Jogísci 1 had an even match with Hornící B, and Hornící A won over Údlice 10:2. Miners A and Miners B then won 8:4 over the Jogísci 2 team in the 3rd and 4th rounds. Údlice were eliminated in the last round, but they took the defeat sportily and despite the great superiority, they showed an amazing fight.

The University and OHK Chomutov expressed understanding in the area of ​​the environment

Horníci Chomutov A advanced to the semi-finals in first place. They then won against the Jogísci 2 team and thus advanced to the finals. In the last match, teams Horníci A and Jogísci 1 played against each other. Jogísci 2 finished in 3rd place and Horníci B in 4th place.

The last game was so long that it almost ran out of time, and in the end both teams tied with each other. Both captains played together and the match was really exciting. All players from both teams were nervously watching the tournament progress.

The Miners A team captain then cheered that they had won and the team almost celebrated, but the game was not over as they did not fill both sides of the sheet. In the end, Miners A really won.

Hornící A and Jogísci 1 advance to the regional round in Ústí nad Labem. The entire tournament was full of emotions and tension and left an unforgettable impression on all participants.

1st place – Miners Chomutov A (Elementary School, Chomutov) composed of: Le To Han, Ulrich Václav, Michaela Fröhlichová
2nd place – Yogisci 1 (Elementary School, Chomutov) composed of: Kristián Převrátil, Samuel Woliwender, Václav Jelínek
3rd place – Yogisci 2 (ZŠ, Chomutov) composed of: Daniel Plecháč, Hana Koloušková, Kristýna Charová

pIšQworka competition
is the championship of primary and secondary schools of the Czech and Slovak Republic in piškvorky. 1,580 teams from almost 600 schools are participating in this year’s fifteenth edition. The competition is divided into primary and secondary school categories. The first official level of competition is regional tournaments, but many schools organize their own school tournaments. The winners of the regional tournaments advance to the regional tournaments, where they fight for advancement to the Grand Final at Masaryk University in Brno. There, they will compete for the title of international tic-tac-toe champion on December 7 and 8.

The competition has been organized since 2008 by the student association Student Cyber ​​Games. Over the past fourteen years, more than half of all Czech secondary schools have participated, and thousands of students participate regularly. The main goal of the pIšQworky project is to arouse healthy competitiveness in young people and to support their self-confidence, logical thinking and team spirit. The Presentation and Tour de App competitions, other projects of the SCG association, share a similar vision. The Presentation Show teaches students presentation and communication skills, and the Tour de App is a web application development competition.

The co-organizer of the competition is Masaryk University in Brno.

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