The analysis did not go well. Louns do not sort enough, there is a risk that the cost of exporting waste will increase


/PHOTO, VIDEO/ Up to 70 percent of the waste that the citizens of Loun throw into the black containers for mixed municipal waste can be sorted and thrown into other designated bins and containers. The city found this out from the analysis it commissioned from the company Marius Pedersen. Without a change in the public’s approach to more rigorous sorting, there will be an increase in waste export fees in the coming years. This was pointed out by the spokesperson of the Louna town hall, Marcel Mihalik.

Containers for sorted waste in Louny.

| Video: Diary/Petr Kinšt

“The analysis of a sample of mixed municipal waste was carried out on September 25, 2023, when 18 pieces of 120-liter containers were brought from the selected Loun location, as well as 15 pieces of 1100-liter containers. The containers were taken to the site of the establishment in Rybalkova Street. The waste was dumped onto a sheet and then manually sorted into predetermined categories. The sorted waste of the given categories was then further weighed,” explained Marcel Mihalik.

The result is a very worrying figure for the city. “Up to 70 percent of the waste that citizens throw into bins for mixed municipal waste could be sorted even further. I therefore appeal to all of us to think about it and sort waste more consistently,” urged the mayor of Loun, Milan Rychtařík. “With the entry into force of the new Waste Act, municipalities and cities were firmly assigned sorting targets. If we don’t start fulfilling them, we all expose ourselves to the risk of a significant increase in waste fees,” he emphasized.

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The goal for 2025 is to have at least 60 percent of recyclable components from municipal waste sorted, in 2030 already 65 percent and from 2035 at least 70 percent of waste. “The city of Louny only met this goal by 23 percent in 2022,” stated the spokesperson of the town hall, Marcel Mihalik.

The priority in the category of waste that can still be sorted is that which is biodegradable. “It had a total weight of 165 kg (30.11 percent), then gastro waste 54 kg (9.85 percent) and then plastic waste, which had a weight of 53 kg (9.67 percent),” added the spokesperson.

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Source: Diary/Petr Kinšt


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