Weekend weather in southern Moravia. Saint Martin is preparing a white horse


Meteorologists predict the amount of snow for the coming weekend. St. Martin will probably arrive in the south of Moravia on a white horse.

The weather forecast does not rule out mixed or even snow showers on the weekend.

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At night on Friday, experts predict temperatures ranging from four to seven degrees, during the day the mercury on the thermometer will rise to nine degrees on Friday. It will be colder at night on Saturday, with temperatures dropping to one degree.

“On Saturday, it will be cloudy to overcast, in the east of the region the rain will fade in places at first. During the day, we expect partly cloudy skies. Later in the afternoon and evening, showers or occasional rain may come from the west. Mixed precipitation in the highest places. The lowest night temperatures are five to one degrees, the highest daytime temperatures are five to nine degrees. The weak southerly wind will change to a moderate westerly wind during the day and blow at a speed of two to six meters per second,” said Peter Hruška from the Brno branch of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute. As he added, snow showers may also appear on Sunday.

St. Martin’s Tips. Brno will dominate traditional delicacies

On the feast of St. Martin, which falls on November 11, it lay in the south of Moravia the most snow in the last twenty years in 2007.

The night from Wednesday to Thursday was already quite cold in the south of Moravia, with temperatures hovering around zero.

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Source: Diary/Klára Hrbáčková


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