Rivals in the ring, then a billion-dollar business. Two YouTubers are behind the Prime drink


In recent days, there has been more and more talk about the Prime drink, which has become popular with teenagers and children not only in America, but also in the Czech Republic. Experts warn that young people can be harmed by the new hit. Despite this, it is a huge success. Part of it can be attributed to the promotion of the drink by YouTuber duo Logan Paul and KSI. The pair, who own part of a company that produces the drink, have a controversial past.

Drink Prime, Hydration line.

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Colorful drinks, fun ads and massive promotions on social networks and large organizations. Prime drink is incredibly popular among the younger generation. They are the main faces youtubers Logan Paul and KSI who are some of the most successful influencers ever with millions of fans.

How are Prime drinks viewed around the world?

Prime moves the world: In Germany, it is a promotional product, in America, the authorities have declared war on it

Both became famous for their careers on the YouTube platform. The better known of the pair, Logan Paul in addition, he later started hosting his podcast Impaulsive, where he invites popular guests. Recently, he is also trying to break into the world of martial arts, the last time fans could watch him in the WWE wrestling organization.

His controversies include business in the area cryptocurrency, in which he founded the game project CryptoZoo, which critics still consider fraudulent. He allegedly lied to his buyers and even faced a class action lawsuit. An interesting fact is that in his brother Jak Paul’s team, the Czech is also known for his YouTube channel, Jon Mariánek.

Logan Paul and KSI are the faces of Prime.Source: Wikimedia Commons, JensHuy, CC BY-SA 4.0

YouTube and combat sports

Olajide Olatunji aka KSI is the lesser known of the promoter duo. At school in Great Britain, according to The Independent, people knew him as the class clown, in 2009 he started his YouTube channel. He later changed his name and is now described as the most famous YouTuber in Britain.

As well as trying to break into combat sports, Paul is a boxer and co-founder of the Misfits boxing organization, which features matches between internet celebrities.

Source: Youtube

The pair met at an amateur boxing match where the men faced each other as rivals. Their match eventually ended in a draw, with KSI winning on points in a rematch and eventually becoming business partners.

Hidden entrepreneurs

The most profitable and well-known project of both men is undoubtedly their Prime drink brand. An interesting fact is that he owns 20% of the profit in the company, the rest is owned by another owner. The Sun on Sunday portal revealed that the brains behind the entire project are American entrepreneurs Trey Steiger and Max Clemons.

Coaches and parents are sounding the alarm, warnings are spreading among clubs about the harmfulness of the drink, which arrived in Europe this year from the USA. What is the truth?

Drink Prime

Prime drinks are drunk by children during training sessions and matches. The doctor advises them to avoid them

The young people met already at school in Kentucky, studied accounting and finance at university. Twenty-eight-year-old Steiger lives in Florida, and twenty-nine-year-old Clemons lives in Tennessee. According to The Independent, they founded their first drinks business in 2017.

Now owns Congo Brands, which in turn owns Prime Hydration in the US and UK. After establishing the brand, they hired the aforementioned YouTubers to promote it. The couple currently controls the beverage empire, which for 2022 earned around 250 million dollars (converted to 5.4 billion crowns).

Don’t overlook: Due to the high content of caffeine or potassium, Prime drinks are dangerous for children.

Experts agree that Prime drink is not suitable for children. Illustrative image

Czech children liked the dangerous drink. The ticking bomb scares experts and parents alike

The Prime Hydration, LLC project was launched in January 2022. The company offers both Prime Hydration, a sports drink composed of coconut water and electrolytes without sugar and caffeine, but with dangerously high doses of potassium, and also the controversial Prime Energy, an ultra-caffeinated energy drink , which is supposed to have six times more caffeine than a can of Coca-Cola. Experts warn that it is not suitable for adults and do not recommend it as an ideal drink for adults either.

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