The lift wants to let out a young lkae. Don’t worry, says their words

The lift wants to let out a young lkae. Don’t worry, says their words
The lift wants to let out a young lkae. Don’t worry, says their words

Monika Hilerov said during the interview that we have 6 thousand and the signature of dissatisfied people. It would be worth it if the minister sat down at the same table with them, along with some experts on castle hunting. It could be done in one day.

But since the minister does not go to meetings with disaffected people, the tense situation continues to drag on, according to him. I have such an indication that (Minister Vlek) is going to screw up that December and start again from January, pointed out the wife of the unsuccessful candidate for president and senator Marko Hiler.

The lift of our accord only goes up

According to the Hilers, the real impression is that Vlastimil Vlek did not allow the protesting doctors to mentally freak out. You may think that we will give way, but we will not back down, because we just have to go more freely.

That’s why I’m coordinating all doctors in hospitals across the country (who signed our call) and we’re making sure that we don’t allow it. If the minister thinks yes, then he is mistaken, states Monika Hilerov.

A meeting between disgruntled hospital staff and representatives of the Ministry of Health took place on Wednesday, November 8. But the minister was not at the meeting, he was represented by the editor of the legislation section and Radek Policar. According to him, the department has offered a salary to all staff in state hospitals from January 2024.

The Ministry thus wanted to guarantee a minimum wage in the city outside the salary tables that the protestors lied to. The poor doctor and the Láska trade union therefore rejected the proposals, because the crop was not protected.

We will reject this proposal because the proposal would only affect faculty hospitals, i.e. institutions that are supported by the state. Such a large number of those who joined our protest would not have received a salary, explains Hilerov.

A protest would threaten the functioning of hospitals

Our demand is that the castle’s entrance be reopened. That’s why the 6.8 billion crowns that Minister Vlek says are supposed to go to salaries are insufficient. This isn’t just for the lazy, it’s also for the non-lovable staff and that just doesn’t happen. And he is not willing to reopen it, criticizes Hilerov.

According to Jan Pdy, vice president of the esk lkask chamber, the dissatisfied lkai will meet again with the representatives of the ministry on November 13. The protesting doctors also want to negotiate for the right wage in addition to the basic salary. In order to support their demands, resign from your Pesas job starting in December, which would jeopardize the availability of health care.

According to Monika Hilerov, it is possible that the protest will actually threaten the functioning of some Slovak branches. For example, there is talk of problems that could arise in pediatric surgery in Prague and Hradec Krlov.

General pediatrics was aware of this even before the current initiative. We discussed it with the ministry for a long time, but nothing much came of it. There is a pediatrician, and yes, when there are several of them under the influence of Pesas, they can theoretically close the whole unit, Mr. Hilerov.

And the minister added that she will not be in danger of acute pain, but in fact she will be in danger. And that if the minister did not do anything, concluded Monika Hilerov.

On the contrary, there is agreement between lkai and the Ministry of Health? What is the average salary of a doctor in a hospital at the moment? And what will the December protest of young people look like? Monika Hilerov, the founder of the youth section of the Czech Chamber of Commerce, answered this as well.

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