Illegal navigation boards are rampant in Prague


The capital of Prague has terminated part of the leases for approximately 3,500 official signposts. Now there is a threat of definitive cancellation of the rest of the navigation devices. The association Tudy trefím zs documented how entrepreneurs try to solve the accessibility of their establishments on their own.

“We used a simple method: In cooperation with navigation sign operators, we identified places where home-made signs were added after the cancellation of standardized directional navigation,” said Peter Ralbovský, chairman of the Tudy trefim association. “We tried to sort them into more species,” he added.

  1. In the first and most common type of case, the client after removing the direction board places his own board in a visible place near your place of business:
  2. If necessary new navigation in places where it is no longer a legal option, direction signs are placed illegally in unauthorized places and in violation of safety regulations. The operators of the directional devices of the Tudy trefím association confirmed that interested parties are contacting them, but they cannot accommodate them. Therefore, out of compulsion, they resort to illegal marking right at the intersection:
  3. Another case occurs when the interested party installs custom direction post with sign, strikingly similar the original official guidance system of Prague, but without the possibility of checking compliance with traffic regulations.

The association Tudy trefím zs draws attention to two fundamental consequences of the MHMP’s decision regarding the disruption of directional navigation:

  1. We are returning to the situation many years ago, when Prague was full of illegal navigation. This was managed to be eradicated precisely thanks to the system of legal direction signs. At that time, the TSK called on the owners of illegal signs to remove them, and at the same time the operators of the direction signs offered them a place on the official carrier, which was in accordance with road safety parameters.
  1. Illegal boards, with their inappropriate location and inconsistency of design, definitely do not improve the quality of the public space, and on the contrary worsen the visual smog – that is, they work exactly against the declared intention, with which the MHMP justifies its decision to cancel.

We remind you of the obvious need for navigation on the part of companies and their customers. We propose to maintain the current system or at least leave it until the MHMP proposes an adequate replacementRalbovsky concluded

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