Olomouc awaits Sledge hockey players. Will a stadium where even penguins wear coats help?


Sledge hockey players from Zlín will have a double match with Olomouc this coming weekend. The duels played within the 7th and 8th rounds will turn the regular part, which has a total of 14 matches, into its second half. On Saturday, November 11, the game will be played from 1:30 p.m. on the ice of the opponent, who has his asylum in Valašské Meziříčí.

Sledge hockey players from Zlín will have a double match with Olomouc this coming weekend.

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A day later, Zlín will host the same opponent at home in its CCM arena, starting at eleven o’clock.

The Zlín team believe that the Moravian duels will bring them a springboard from their not quite successful performances so far. Out of six duels, the players from Baťov City won only once and with four points they are second to last.

On the other hand, the Hanáci are in fourth place with nine points, guaranteeing progress to the playoffs. In the current part of the season, they have half the success, when they took three points against Sparta, Český Budějovice and most recently Ostrava.

Recently, the Roosters from Olomouc can traditionally rely on two 23-year-old players offensively. Captain Radek Jedlička and his equally young partner Mikuš, both healthy fighters by the way, give their team vigor. In addition to all this, the Slovak shot Miloš Večerek is also able to assert himself well.

The Hanák jersey is also worn by ex-Zlín Michal Hlinka and other representatives of Slovakia, who recently managed to advance back to the elite category of the World Championship. Tomáš Kvoch, who arrived from Pardubice, gives away his experience before the season. The goal is then guarded by the nimble Michal Černoch.

The experienced Vlach is leaving Berany Zlín, he headed to the rival in Přerov

The Olomouc ice hockey players have been running into the limit of one ice surface in the city of 100,000 for a long time, so they will be forced to play the match against Zlín in an asylum – in Valašské Meziříčí. One piece of advice applies to visitors: dress well. Rumor has it that even penguins in coats walk here…

On Sunday from 11:00 the Roosters will present themselves on the ground in Zlín.

The two teams met unusually often last season, five times. The first time was in the preparatory duel, where Zlín won 5:2. In the regular season, both teams had the same balance: Hanáci won 3:1 at home, LAPP won 4:2 on their ice. Everything culminated in a duel in the semi-final series, where the Zlín team won the series 2:0 after clear wins 6:1 and 9:4.

In total, these teams played 40 duels, of which Zlín won exactly thirty. The latter, together with Olomouc, are also two clubs that together with Kolín in the 2002/2003 season played together in the Czech Cup – the predecessor of the league competition.

Author: Jakub Kudláč


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