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Good job! Czech under-17 hockey players will take part in the medal fights at the Canadian World Hockey Challenge tournament, as they beat the Finns 2-0 after two goals in the nerve-wracking quarter-finals.

2017 – bronze, 2018 – penultimate place. 2019 – bronze, 2022 (after two canceled years) – last place.

The Czech 17 continues to live its dream of continuing this alternating results and once again getting on the podium at the top tournament of the U17 category!

In the group, they lost to Finland 2:3, but it is hard to say what Pavel Patera ordered his charges before the quarter-final rematch. They had a great approach to the match and were the team that was looking for promotion.

But it could have been of no use to them, because you don’t win on merit… In the first period, the Czechs dominated by shooting 9:2, in the second they started to create great chances, but they did not change the goalless situation. Goalkeeper Kerkola poked the puck out of Pavlík in the break, Frolo failed to convert the number three to one, immediately after the break even Poletín did not succeed after a beautiful penetration.


Ondřej Štěbeták

goalkeeper, 16 years old

” href=”″>Ondřej Štěbeták was in his place, he also survived several hot moments in the third part. Especially when Ervasti circled the goal and fired the puck into the crossbar so , that the Finns were already rejoicing, and also at the finish of Strömberg, which fortunately the Finnish striker sent over a completely empty goal.

Immediately, however, the Finns conceded a fifth minor penalty and the Czech youngsters saved only the second power play of the tournament for the best possible moment.

The defender became their hero


I like Mrtko

defender, 16 years old

” href=”″>Radim Mrtka. Tired opponents no longer came to the top of the pentagon against him, so he had enough time to wait for the screen of his teammates and then a beautiful scored the goal of his life with a shot Just 62 seconds before the third siren!

Finland’s Vabank was punished without a goalkeeper and the captain sealed the promotion to the top four teams of the tournament


Tomas Poletin

attacker, 16 years old

” href=”″>Tomáš Poletín. Štěbeták picked up his second clean sheet in the tournament, while no other goalkeeper has a single clean sheet!

In addition, the Czechs certainly welcomed the result of the second – purely Canadian – semi-final, in which the less seeded team also rejoiced. Thanks to a goal in extra time, the white selection advanced, which means that the Czech national team will avoid the Americans in the semi-finals, from whom they collected ten in the basic group.

Instead, she will go to the Swedes, with whom she lost “only” 3:5. She scored four goals already in the first period, but then she was able to push the opponent. The duel with the Finns had a similar development – and how the Czechs coped in the rematch.

The semi-finals will be played at midnight from Friday to Saturday Czech time.

FINLAND – CZECH REPUBLIC 0:2 (0:0, 0:0, 0:2)

Goals and saves: 59. Mrtka (Pavlík, Čihař), 60. Poletín (Pekař, Holub).
Exclusion: 5:1.
Use: 0:1.
Shots on goal: 15:24 (2:9, 8:7, 5:8).
The best players: Patrik Kerkola – Radim Mrtka.
Czechia: Štěbeták – Holub, Černý, Mikel, Malínek, Mrtka, Šilhavý, Dyk – Pekař, Benák, Poletín – Rozsíval, Pavlík, Čihař – Nestrašil, Záhejský, Novotný – Lev, Frolo, Fasner. Coach: Patera.
Finland: Kerkola – Paju, Kotajärvi, Saari, Boelius, Ervasti, Ruotsalainen, Tukio, Uusitalo – Baggström, Strömberg, Aaltonen – Kämäräinen, Vanninen, Virtanen – Rajala, Orpana, Grandell – Pihlman, Joki, Somervuori. Coach: By cats.

Playoffs World U17 Hockey Challenge

Friday November 10:
18:00 5th place match Canada Red – Finland (Charlottetown)

Saturday 11 November:
0:00 semi-final USA – Canada White (Summerside / Charlottetown)
0:00 semi-final Sweden – Czech Republic (Summerside / Charlottetown)
5:00 p.m. 3rd Place Game (Charlottetown)
22:00 final (Charlottetown)

The beginnings are given in Czech times, at the venue it is 5 hours less.

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