COEFFICIENT: Direct progress to the Champions League is a little closer again, the Czech Republic has strengthened


Two wins and one loss, plus the unconvincing performances of competing countries, and the Czech coefficient can continue to boast of an upward curve with the strengthening of its position. He remains in 13th place, but has increased his lead over his pursuers. The participation of five teams in the European Cups for the year after next season 2025/26 is highly probable.

In order for this to be confirmed, the Czech coefficient must finish worst at 15th place after this season. At the moment, it has a lead of 2.025 points, which is enough in itself, in addition, the sixteenth-ranked Serbia shares its gains with five (Czech Republic with four) and after the fall, only CZ Belgrade will remain in the game.

The current level of the coefficient, which is calculated over the last five years from the 2019/20 season, is 29.8 points. The strong three collected points (purely those on the field, from the share of which the coefficient is then calculated) as follows:

  • Slavia 59
  • Pilsen 33
  • Sparta 16

Thursday’s Czech contribution was 1.5 points. Half a point for the wins of Slavia and Pilsen and another half point for Pilsen’s already certain triumph in the group. From this point of view, not only will the results in the remaining six games (and Sparta’s eventual promotion) be important, but also whether Slavia will dominate their group. If so, he will immediately improve his coefficient by a whole point.


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Although it is still true that the 15th place is not completely certain, the Czech Republic can tentatively take a look at the 12th position. What would that mean? The change from 2 + 1 + 2 to 2 + 2 + 1. In other words, the 3rd or 4th team of the league would go to the preliminary round of the European, not the Conference League. Switzerland currently has 1.375 points to their credit.

Looking a year ahead is even more interesting. In the next cup season, the Czech Republic will write off the miserable year 2019/20, in which the clubs received a total of 2.5 points (for comparison, now only 7.25 so far).

With such help, the Czechs would realistically strive for eleventh place next year – tenth is not out of the question – which means the Czech champion will participate directly in the Champions League for the 2026/27 season.

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