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It’s worth it. It’s a return to where I started my coaching career and where I played a hundred football games. Family, friends drink. I hope that we will give joy to the savages, invites the red team to the Saturday match against Jablonec (from 3 p.m.), which is the mainstay of the tournament.

In Zln, the native of the Luhaovice team won the most first league saves (114), in the club’s historically worst season of 2016/17, he was crowned with a triumph in the Czech League and assisted Bohumil Pnk in advancing to the European League. Saturday’s game will be his next notable football match.

In the position of the head coach of the first league team, the purple jet did not lose. He started with a lucky goalless streak in Olomouc, in Pardubice Zln won away for the first time in the season and only the second time in the last 40 games, meanwhile the Ostrava team advanced to the spring quarterfinals of the MOL Cup. By the same token, the team with the worst defense in the game.

We didn’t expect that at all. We got a chance to do something with it, so we tried. To give it energy, soul, human heart, which we have in realisation, changed the crimson of his helpers.

He brought assistants Luke Motala and Ivo Svtlk from the second league Krome. Fitness coach Michal Molek and goal coach Ota Novk joined the team. Ale Hellebrand became the new TV. The father of the league players Patrik and Jan Hellebrand, who play in Czech Budjovic and Zbrojovce Brno, respectively, was given the role of the leader of the team.

I have fun with him like you do with the guys from the real estate industry. His word has the same sound, k ervenka.

And at Svtelka, which is located a short distance from the regional capital, all of the new realizations have a direct historical connection to the Zlnsk club, where they used to play or train.

Know the environment. V, how’s it going here. Vichni are on the positive side. Cadmus grows in self-confidence as he passes. They convinced us that we have to see that we have what it takes, and it did, the offensive wing of Vukadin Vukadin, who remembers the purple as Pnk’s branch. No one expected a complete 180-degree turn. Neither does he. After Boleslav, we were in lockdown. We all had our heads down. It was hard to get out of it. The coach encouraged us a lot. The fruit squealed. When the Serbian speedster talks about the new leader of the passenger cabin, the combination of the two words evokes positive energy.

Sr of him, vnm Vukadin. And when things don’t work out, they try to be positive. The whole realization of the team is great, encouraging, v. That’s why it’s such a hit attack, describes Vukadin’s grandiose transformation of the mud and chaotic gangs into an organized mess fighting for each m.

Zln beat her in those points. Out of the previous twelve rounds under the baton of Pavel Vrba, he scored only six necessary points. Immediately after his dismissal, the defense sealed the gap, instead of laughing at him from all sides for the words of recognition. but purple is different Euphoria is not on revenge.

Kudos guys. They played good saves, but in the context of the season, as long as it is, we didn’t do anything at all. It’s just dl spch. When we don’t continue for long, it’s for him, remember the crimson, even the dog took the last days with Zln under the top at the bottom of the table. This day, we have to hit the game. First and foremost are the consequences. I have a better impression of the game when it comes to purple and in quieter moments. On Saturday, after seven rounds, Zln has to leave the last place, to which it was relegated after the home fiasco with Pilsen (1:7).

Bronislav ervenka, the new team of Zlnsk football players.

However, he has to beat Jablonec, which he last managed in the league 21 games ago and no more than 15 years ago. The last house of the vtzstv above Severoechy even dates back to the 10th of 2005, and as a game it was also visited by the ervenka on Letn.

I don’t follow statistics. I only know that Jablonec is not stupid. Something needs to be done about it, declared the redhead. What? Win!

But he has to do without saw defense, Cameroon’s Uly Didiba.

I know it won’t be as big an impact on the line-up as anyone would think, he threw the crimson. Both Gonzlez and Kol are in the running.

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